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ASF releases financial policy

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by Jaclyn Roco
Staff Writer

The Associated Students Federation (ASF) Forum, in cooperation with the Inter Organization Council (IOC), finished its policy books Sept. 26. The policy books were released to several organizations in a meeting Sept. 28.

Mario Guerrero, ASF president, felt that the books would help ease certain problems that other clubs were having with ASF’s rules.

“The main purpose of this pamphlet is to promote communication between clubs and ASF,” Guerrero said.

Guerrero worked with both Ralph Solis, the accountant for ASF, and Ruby Montaño-Cordova, associate dean of students, in order to create the policy books.

The policy books will also help outline rules of how ASF will allocate funds to other organizations.

Solis, who printed the books, said that for clubs to receive money, they had to come to ASF prior to a planned event. Clubs that do not benefit the school will not receive any money, he said.

“This year $50,000 was allocated to clubs and organizations,” Solis said. These clubs were recognized and therefore registered by ASF.

Guerrero said that the policy books also show how a club or organization can become recognized by ASF.

“It is very important to note that clubs and organizations have to send a representative to the bimonthly meetings or the club and organization will not receive the $150 per semester,” Guerrero said.

“These clubs that do not attend will be unable to ask for any other funds,” he said.

IOC has worked with ASF to help organize these meetings that the clubs and organizations must attend.

IOC was created to provide a setting where “all the clubs come together at one moment and tell what they are doing,” said Solis, who is also chairman of IOC.

“It was made to keep track of the clubs,” Solis said.

Guerrero described IOC as an “extension” of ASF.

“Again, our main purpose in organizing IOC was to improve communication,” he said. “IOC requires groups that come to ASF to have clear ideas of what they want to do for the campus.”

Besides giving ASF access to the clubs on campus, Solis said that the meetings will help to educate the clubs and organizations so they can better understand the policy books.

He described both the meetings and the policy books as breakdowns.

Kim Reed, vice president of advocacy for ASF, added another reason behind the policy books.

“They’re important because they show how student government run,” Reed said.

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