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ASF spends irresponsibly… again

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Christine Owen, Editor in Chief

Christine Owen, Editor in Chief

ASF Forum, you are a joke. Your institution has been plagued for years with corruption and incompetence, which has been documented over the years by the Campus Times. Numerous articles on botched elections, embezzlement of funds by members and poor planning of events can be found by accessing our archives online. This pattern repeated itself this week.

I find it appalling that your institution spent roughly $2,500 for a ghost-story teller to come to ULV, an event that was attended by only six students because you failed to advertise.

Also, you wasted approximately another $1,000 for a Haunted House, an event that drew no more than 15 people.

As an organization that has the privilege and responsibility of allocating a budget of $130,000, you need to take your job much more seriously and stop squandering money.

When planning events, utilize resources in a way that will benefit all students, or a greater portion than the 21 that showed up to the Halloween events.

The Student Center could use numerous improvements. Buy some new foose ball tables so that the broken ones can be replaced. Buy some better equipment for the exercise area. Pay for a party bus to take students to the women’s volleyball matches. Find a way to host a real Earth Day Festival, one that is beneficial, not just one that takes up space in the quad where plants are handed out, only to be found discarded around campus.

The possibilities are endless.

The next time that your organization is faced with the question of what to do with $3,500, sit down and actually think before spending. Think about what would be a waste of money and what would actually be fun and beneficial to as many ULV students as possible. And for goodness sake, the next time you are faced with the difficult decision of whether or not to spend $2,500 on a ghost-story teller: Don’t!

If you cannot find something worthwhile to do with my and other students money, then give it back to us so that we can use it for tuition. Don’t waste my money on Doughnut Day and a ghost- story teller.

Your institution has a habit of faulting those who speak out against your organization claiming that no one has the right to complain unless they are attending ASF meetings. Well guess what, that is not my job. Nor is it the job of any other ULV student to babysit you.

Your organization is supposed to be composed of students with integrity who do not waste money on frivolous events. As students who were elected to your positions, you are also making the statement that you have the time to dedicate to ASF. Other students do not and therefore, they do not run for election.

When U.S. citizens have a complaint with the performance of their elected congressmen, they do what I am doing: write a letter of complaint and put pressure on the elected officials.

Americans do not fly to Washington and attend House and Senate meetings, so do not expect me or any other student to do the same.

I cannot fathom how no one on ASF had the guts (or common sense) to question spending the ridiculous amount of money on Halloween week events. How was it assumed that a ghost-story teller would be a good idea?

Maybe no one was paying attention when Halloween Week events were announced and voted on. I say this as I look at a copy of ASF’s Agenda for Oct. 31 that was given to the journalism department by an ASF member.

This agenda is covered with extensive scribbling of clouds, flowers, happy faces, etc. I find it hard to believe that members of the ASF Forum can truly be serving the best interests of ULV students when they occupy their time in official meetings by doodling like grade-school children.

Two months of school have passed and out of a starting balance of $48,000, there is approximately $6,000 left to be allocated in the ASF activities account. I urge the ASF Forum to spend this money wisely, a task that will undoubtedly be difficult if history is any indication.

Christine Owen, a senior journalism major, is editor in chief of the Campus Times. She can be reached by e-mail at

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