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Students help with ad campaign

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by Amanda Egan
Staff Writer

Twenty University of La Verne students are participating in a General Motors Marketing Internship program this semester for which they receive college credit.

The internship lasts for nine weeks and involves researching and developing a public relations and advertising campaign for Crestview Cadillac of West Covina.

The students were given a $2,500 budget; Cadillac recruited the students as part of an effort to attract young buyers.

The students organized the “Cultivating Excellence Marketing Agency.”

They researched their target market and decided on one main event to sell the Cadillac concept to young buyers.

CEMA will join Upland for its 25th Annual Christmas Parade on Dec. 1. They will have a booth themed “Redefining American Excellence.”

Three Cadillacs decorated for Christmas will be in the parade with the theme written on the side of each vehicle.

The students will sell raffle tickets at their booth and all proceeds will be donated to the Make-a-Wish-Foundation.

Two other small events CEMA participated in were San Dimas Western Days on Oct. 3 and Homecoming festivities at ULV on Oct. 27.

“The ceremony was nice, short and sweet, the Escalades were a great addition,” sophomore Noelle Feesago said.

At the Homecoming fair they had a booth that represented Crestview Cadillac “Gone in 60 seconds.”

CEMA sold bottles of water and all proceeds were also donated to the Make-a-Wish- Foundation.

“I think it is great that all of the proceeds are going to something for a good cause,” Feesago said.

An opportunity drawing was held for those who stopped by their booth.

Participants were entered for the grand prize drawing for a one- night stay at the St. Regis Spa and Resort in Dana Point.

During the half-time show, four Cadillac Escalades escorted the Homecoming court on to the field. The four 2002 Escalades were courtesy of Crestview Cadillac.

Four members of CEMA were the drivers.

CEMA students said they felt being involved with the half-time show would be great exposure for the vehicles.

“The escalades were a wonderful addition to the Homecoming Festivities,” said Amanda La Patka, public relations chairwoman.

“I feel we accomplished our goal to present the Cadillac vehicles to our target market and look forward to a successful event at the Upland Christmas Parade.”

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