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Terrorism: University considers national safety

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by Joe Garcia III
Staff Writer

Since the attacks of Sept. 11, national security is the highest priority among Americans across the nation, many of whom are not comforted by the words and actions of the nation’s leadership.

Fears among students and faculty on the University of La Verne campus echo those felt across the nation, particularly surrounding the holiday travel season.

“I still feel uneasy about flying because the talk of new security measures do not reflect what is going on in the airport,” said senior Erin Coleman.

Coleman, however, didn’t let fear stop her. She recently flew to Indiana and returned safely.

“It is a lot scarier now than ever before,” said Don Pollock, professor of communications.

Pollock also recently boarded a plane to Mexico and made it home safely.

“The airports do not look like they did a year ago. You have National Guardsmen walking around the terminals with loaded weapons.”

Other students and faculty said they were concerned that the federal government is moving too slowly in taking control of airport security. Meanwhile plenty of uninspected bags are getting through, they say.

Washington is making promises that “everything” is being done to protect our safety, they say. But many on campus do not believe this.

“There has been a lot of talk, but not enough is being done,” said senior Ralph Solis.

Many in the ULV community are afraid there may be another terrorist attack ­ of the chemical or biological sort ­ this time in Southern California.

The general feeling here is that not enough is being done to protect U.S. citizens and what is being done is taking too long.

Just recently, Congress passed a bill to ensure safety at airports nationwide.

Many believe it was passed at a crucial time ­ just before the holidays ­ however, it takes time to implement these measures. They must go through a long process.

For now, the ULV community, with the rest of the nation, can only hope that we will be safe.

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