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Escorted by Cadillac Escalades, La Verne's royal court entered Ortmayer Stadium at halftime of the Homecoming football game last Saturday. The school crowned Anthony Granillo and Tricia Garcia as their respective King and Queen. / photo by Jason Cooper
Escorted by Cadillac Escalades, La Verne’s royal court entered Ortmayer Stadium at halftime of the Homecoming football game last Saturday. The school crowned Anthony Granillo and Tricia Garcia as their respective King and Queen. / photo by Jason Cooper

by Jaclyn Roco
Staff Writer

The University of La Verne hosted its annual Homecoming Week events Oct. 22-27, and events included “Illumination” Monte Carlo Night, Cosmic Bowling, “Singled Out” and Karaoke Night, a Barbecue with KROQ and a Student Faire and Coronation. All events were sponsored by the Associated Students Federation (ASF) Forum.

“ASF started planning this over the summer,” Travis Berry, a commissioner said. “Everyone stressed because everyone in ASF wants it to be the greatest homecoming yet for all the students.”

Berry said that ASF assigned commissioners to manage each event. They included Berry, Ryan Acosta, Crystal Marks, Sara Morphus, Brian Ortega, Michelle Duarte and Kristal Mendoza.

“This year, all but two of the commissioners are new,” Berry said. “They worked on the activity they were assigned after the forum members voted. But the main focus of the activity was to get everything done on time.”

With the theme “Coming to a Theater Near You” incorporated into the events, students felt that the week was a great success.

Junior Jamila Anderson said she enjoyed Illumination, the event held last Monday to introduce the Homecoming Court.

“Illumination was really pretty,” she said. ” It looked better than last year, just like a Hollywood set.”

Monte Carlo Night was also well received.

“It (was) great. There was a good turnout considering we didn’t publicize as much as we wanted to,” Commissioner Ryan Acosta said.

During the event, which lasted from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m., students were given certificates worth up to $1000 to play. The students were also given “mock-tail” drinks such as virgin margaritas, while they played blackjack, poker and other games against real Atlantic City Gambling dealers. A raffle at the end gave away prizes such as a television set, a DVD player, CD players, and phones.

“The main purpose of the night was for fun, and to have the ULV community realize that they were kind of a family. It (was) to lead the crowd up to homecoming,” said Mario Guerrero, ASF president.

The dealers also seemed to enjoy the night.

“I love it,” said Kenny McKernan, a dealer for three years. “It’s great!”

Although Monte Carlo Night proved successful, the Cosmic Bowling event ran into a set of problems before its formal announcement. Due to lack of communication between ASF and its prior contract with Chaparral Lanes, the event was moved at the last minute from San Dimas to Upland.

But ASF Vice President Kimberly Reed said she thought the change in location did not alter the students’ opinion.

“People were still excited about it,” Reed said.

Some students felt that the change in location was actually for the better.

“Every year is always for the best,” said junior Amelia Tabullo.

Extra precautions were taken due to the presence of alcohol. Students were given either a white band if under 21, or a pink one if they were of age.

The other events were scheduled as planned, except for the Barbecue at Sneaky Park, which was moved from Tuesday to Friday.

“Singled Out” was hosted at Sneaky Park and was done to imitate the television show. Winners were given Knott’s Scary Farm Tickets. Karaoke Night, also held Thursday, took place at Red Devil Pizza in La Verne.

The last Homecoming event went on Saturday prior to the football game against Chapman. The Student Faire, held at 11:30 a.m. gave clubs and organizations on campus an opportunity to join the school spirit effort.

The Lordsburg Debate Union was one organization that set up a booth in the Faire.

In keeping with the theme, Jessica Lord, president of LDU, said that she and her members dressed up like characters from “Star Wars” while selling American Flags.

The Coronation of the King and Queen took place during halftime.

The Homecoming Court paraded around the field, before being called up to the stand. Last year’s King and Queen, Danny Craig and Gina Cerullo, opened the envelope and pronounced Anthony Granillo and Tricia Garcia to be this year’s winners. Berry said that all the hard work made in planning the events for the week paid off.

“This is probably the hardest work I’ve ever done, but it’s also the most fun because it’s really rewarding,” he said.

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