Annex may be removed in Sept.

by Dora Galván
Staff Writer

Hoover Annex, which houses classrooms, the Office of Information Technology and the counseling center, may soon be removed from campus.

The temporary building has already stood for two years thanks to a second conditional use permit from the City of La Verne’s Planning Commission, but the permit expires in September.

Such a permit allows the university to operate portable buildings for a specific amount of time as long as landscaping is maintained and the property is kept clean, said La Verne Senior Planner Linda Christianson.

The first conditional use permit was issued under special circumstances from July 2000 until June 2001. Christianson added, “We don’t allow temporary classrooms.”

Since the University has plans to do construction, the city allowed the use of portable buildings.

Planned renovations to Founders Hall should allow for housing of classrooms, the counseling center and the information technology office.

“It costs $1.5 million to renovate Founders Hall,” said Brian Worley, director of facilities management.

He said that the University has asked different organizations for donations, hoping to receive a $750,000 donation from the Rose Hills organization and other organizations in March.

Hoover Annex’s removal deadline should coincide with the Founder’s renovation plans if the University receives needed donations, Worley said. The University could apply for another conditional use permit for Hoover Annex if it needs the extension.

But La Verne’s Planning Commission conducted a status review on Feb. 13. and “nobody showed up from the University, so the extension continues until September,” Christianson said.

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