Photo minor brings artistic options

by Vicky Martinez
Staff Writer

The University of La Verne has always excelled in providing students with a broad view in academia. As part of this commitment, the ULV Photography Department has introduced a petition to the Faculty Assembly to start a new minor in photography.

Gary Colby, professor of photography, said a minor in photography seems to be a collaborative discipline for those students who do not have an art related major but want to explore artistic fields.

In the past, Colby has signed special contracts with students interested in minoring in photography. But now, those waiting to minor in photography will probably get to do so without a special contract.

Colby describes the photography process as drawing with light to find a different perspective and meaning of images.

“Some artistic disciplines have more profound meaning but photography can be equally meaningful,” Colby said.

One of the required courses for the new photography minor includes Elementary Photography 210, which teaches photographers black and white exposure, processing techniques and elementary composition. Also included in the minor will be Digital Imaging 310, which introduces software and hardware needed to acquire and manipulate photographs for publication, Web and multi-media insertion.

Color Photography 350, which teaches fundamentals of color slide and negative exposure, processing and printing is one of the most difficult classes included. Art courses such as Contemporary Art and History of Photography form part of the minor as well. Other requirements will be specified in the ULV catalog 2002-2003.

Four semesters of Staff Photography are also required for the photo minor as well. This course includes taking pictures for the Campus Times and La Verne Magazine publications.

Junior journalism major Jennifer Contreras and senior journalism major Tom Galaraga have taken the initiative of signing a contract for a photography minor.

The new minor seems to appeal to art and journalism majors, who in the past only incurred to photography emphasis for collaborating discipline.

Photography, as a minor, invites students of other fields to get more information. It also encourages Fine Arts students to have a minor instead of an emphasis.

Colby said the creation of the new minor would not cost any expenses to ULV, since there are labs and facilities for photography processing already installed on campus.

The decision being made by the Faculty Assembly will be released after April 17.

For more information on the new Photography Minor, contact Colby at extension 4281 or via email at

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