Music Review: Feel good to Crow

by Amber McLaughlin
Staff Writer

Sheryl Crow started working on her fourth album, “C’Mon, C’Mon,” in April 2000 and completed the project earlier this year. Although she struggled to complete it, the album turned out to be a great accomplishment.

No one should miss out on this delightful rock album, which will be out April 9 from A&M Records.

The acoustic guitar is played on every song, setting the tone for a unique and entertaining album with many duets.

The first track, “Steve McQueen,” is old-fashioned rock with lots of guitars, background vocals and lyrics about making a getaway.

Next is the upbeat, first hit single “Soak Up the Sun” with Liz Phair as the background vocalist, a song about yearning for the simple things. Guitarist, Jeff Trott worked with Crow to write this song.

Crow heats things up with “You’re an Original”, featuring Lenny Kravitz, which allows her to let go and sing like a rock star.

On “Diamond Road” she becomes the moody ballad singer and she does a beautiful country duet with Don Henley on, “It’s So Easy.”

“Abilene” is a country guitar arrangement with the Dixie Chicks’ Natalie Maines that everyone will surely enjoy.

Songs that probably won’t be big hits are “C’Mon, C’Mon,” “Safe and Sound” and “Weather Channel,” featuring Emmylou Harris. They are still definitely worth listening to as they are Crow’s most revealing songs.

Crow has been an inspiration to many people through her music. She is also very admired since she had the ability to sing duets with other artists. She is on Kid Rock’s current album, “Cocky” and has been working with quite a few artists over the past couple years.

This album is a must for rock and roll lovers. The feel-good vibe it provides will have listeners in a good mood in no time.

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