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ULV separates from SF College of Law

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by Jaclyn Roco
Arts & Entertainment Editor
and Jennifer Dodd
Staff Writer

As of next month, the University of La Verne will no longer be affiliated with the San Fernando Valley College of Law. The San Fernando Valley campus has been bought by the University of West Los Angeles Schools of Law and Paralegal Studies, said Greg Fast, dean of the San Fernando Valley College of Law.

The merger should be complete by June 2002, pending approval from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

According to Provost Dick McDowell, the separation process between the San Fernando Valley and ULV campuses began after the financial burden of having two schools, neither of which had American Bar Association accreditation, intensified.

The fact that the San Fernando Valley College of Law had not been producing revenue for ULV for some time hastened the sale.

McDowell said the two campuses had actually been striving to be independent throughout their time of affiliation with each other. Being separate entities would make each campus self-sufficient, he said, in serving the academic needs of its students.

The two schools hope this merger will increase the student body enrollment at ULV’s Ontario campus.

When the University of West Los Angeles contacted ULV, McDowell said it was a good opportunity to “accomplish geographically serving different locations instead of adding complication.

“It’s like getting benefits from working together,” he said.

Although administrators at ULV feel the separation process is positive, Fast worries that not all his faculty will be able to continue working for the school under its new ownership.

“That’s a very big question,” Fast said. “The University of West Los Angeles said it hopes to have positions for most of the full-time faculty and anticipates few positions for the staff.”

Fast said this means that there won’t be jobs for the majority of the campus’ employees.

Tenured faculty that were guaranteed work were most likely to come back to the La Verne campus, Fast said.

McDowell, however, said he feels ULV has found a good partner for the acquisition of the San Fernando Valley campus. He said he thinks the buy out process will benefit the San Fernando Valley College of Law so that it will operate in that area to keep the tradition of graduating successful students alive for the foreseeable future.

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