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Banks brings new funds to program, school

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by Amber McLaughlin
Staff Writer

Professor Carolyn Banks is not only a professor at the University of La Verne, but teaches at other sites as well and still manages to have a life outside of work.

She currently lives in Santa Paula with her husband, David, whom she has been married to for 36 years. They have two poodles.

“The beautiful country is surrounded by orange trees and avocados, so it helps me not mind the long drive to ULV,” she said.

Currently she is growing 45 types of roses.

Her passions are golf and travel. In August she will be going to Costa Rica with her husband.

Banks received her bachelor’s degree at UC Santa Barbara, received her master’s at California Lutheran University, and also attended Cal State Northridge. In 1994 she earned a doctorate of education at ULV.

Banks has worked in schools for 28 years. She used to be a principal in Ventura County. She also was a school district administrator and worked at the Office of Education in Ventura County as a teacher trainer in staff development.

Even though she really enjoyed working with children, she wanted to prepare new teachers to work with them. That is why she decided to come to ULV in July of 2001.

“I feel change is healthy, and to do something different was a big change, but I feel confident that I made a good choice,” she said.

Banks is in charge of the Teacher Education Program SEOL (School of Organization and Leadership) Masters degree on campus, in addition to the education California teaching credential in Santa Clarita and Ventura County.

The SEOL is a partnership program that is blended with the University’s School of Continuing Education in Upland.

ULV has expanded the teaching credential program off campus for people who want to become a teacher at the elementary, junior high or high school level.

This year is the 75th anniversary of the teacher credential programs at ULV.

“It’s exciting to be at a place that has such a rich history of preparing teachers, Banks said.

“It is a high quality, well-developed program and I feel I am making a positive difference helping people gather their own career.”

Banks also teaches at a Masters in Business Program in Ventura County.

Deborah Garcia has been Bank’s student for two years in Ventura County. She is almost ready to graduate.

“I appreciated the safe environment she created when the students presented their first lessons. It helped us more effectively develop by seeing others approach the material,” she said.

Emilio Handall is also Banks’ student in Ventura County and thoroughly enjoys the program.

“Dr. Banks has been a tremendous help career wise. She has given me a lot of insight in the educational field. She is always willing to work with us no matter how busy she is,” he said.

Banks believes learning is what life is all about because it keeps a person young and alive.

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