Directing class presents theatrical treats

by Melissa Lau
Features Editor

Beginning last Monday, the directing class presented a smorgasbord of theatrical treats for the University of La Verne community.

“The Boys,” written and directed by Jeremy Taylor, was the first of the seven performances to entertain the audience.

The story began with a group of men going to a bar.

Later in the play, two ladies (or so one of the characters thinks) enter the bar scene. As he moves to pick up on them, his friends can tell that they are not really ladies, but in fact are really men.

Sprinkles of humor continued with junior theater major Sara Wilhoit’s production of “Master Pierre Pathelin” or “Peter Quills Shenanigans.”

This took place on an outside stage that was set up with the help of Wilhoit’s stage crew from the stagecraft and design class. This class included Roger Garcia, Jorge Pineda and Stacy Bowles.

The night continued with even more humor and confusion when director Hilary Hahn presented “‘Denity Crisis” written by Christopher Durang.

This play consisted of only five actors, but portrayed many different characters.

Jane (Mariza Marin) was a girl who was constantly confused by the identity of people in her family.

Her brother changed into her father one minute, then changed into her grandfather the next.

Her psychologist was himself but then turned into his wife within a matter of minutes.

On Tuesday, director Beaux Enriquez Berkey presented his work “3” by John Patrick Shanley. This play was a collaboration of three one-act plays that combined to form a single work.

Taking place in Central Park, the theme that ran through this work was love and the packages that accompany it.

Within a 10-minute intermission, the Cabaret Theater was transformed from Central Park to a dance floor at a party.

This was done with the help of April Hava Shenkman’s stage designers, Stephanie Barraco and Steven Lau.

As stated on the flyers promoting her play, Shenkman dedicated her piece to the “hopeless romantic in life, love and theater.”

This work dissected the language, actions and reactions of relationships.

The work was presented in learn-how-to-speak-English cassette format, with a loudspeaker leading the actions of the couple on stage.

Other plays were performed Wednesday and Thursday.

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