IMRCD hosts second celebration for graduates

by Melissa Lau
Features Editor

This year, the second annual African American Graduation Celebration tradition continues.

It will take place on May 24 from 7 to 9 p.m. in Founders Auditorium.

According to Cross Cultural Programs Director Keisha Bentley, the auditorium was almost full last year. This year they are expecting between 75 and 100 graduates and their families.

“We’re planning on filling Founders Auditorium to capacity,” Bentley said.

This year IMRCD has planned for stilt walkers and drummers to be part of the festivities. The ULV gospel choir will perform in addition to remarks by President Steve Morgan.

Similar to the first annual Latino Graduation celebration, students will be presented with a certificate. They will also be presented with a “Kente” sash, which is made from a West African hand-woven material. Information such as their name and hometown will be read aloud in addition to a small thank you or saying as participants receive their items. Bentley believes that this adds a personal touch to the ceremony.

“It’s going to be fun. I’m sure it’s going to be touching, but the emphasis is on the graduates; it’s their day,” Bentley said.

Following the ceremony, a small reception will be held.

Due to the other commencement events taking place on campus, they have been limited in finding a location to hold enough people.

As a result tickets are required for this event. Participating students are allowed four tickets. Students who have already made reservations can pick up their tickets Monday, May 20, through Thursday, May 23.

Students who are interested can contact Bentley at extension 4397. Also, students who are interested in volunteering to help set up or would like to help out as an usher can also contact Bentley.

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