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Movie Review: ‘Scorpion King’ bites into action

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by Tamika Harrison
Staff Writer

“The Scorpion King” is an action-packed movie to be enjoyed by both children and adults.

The film features The Rock as the Scorpion King. Other actors include: Kelly Hu, Steven Brand and Michael Clarke Duncan.

This movie is just a taste of the first in the series “The Mummy.” However, it involves more action and thrills.

For those who are professional wrestling fans and enjoy The Rock’s action in the ring, this movie exposes The Rock with more action and showcases his acting skills.

The movie begins with a war of the natives.

The name Scorpion King was given to The Rock’s character after being attacked by the king’s men.

A spearhead was dipped into the blood of a scorpion and jabbed into the leg, which gave him his name.

“The Scorpion King” sets out on a journey through the desert to find the sorcerer for the king (Steven Brand) of the natives and kidnap her.

Because she could see everything and predict the future, she becomes a very valuable resource to the king.

She could predict wars and the outcomes and tell them to the king.

Although the sorceress is a very valuable asset, she is burdened; the only way to find the king is by killing the sorceress.

Some catch-22!

After finding out that the “man” the Scorpion King has been setting out to kill is in actuality a beautiful sorceress, his plan becomes difficult to accomplish. (This is obviously supposed to be expected. How can a mere man refuse the strength of a beautiful woman?)

The sorceress’ powers emerge from her innocence. Only as a virgin is she able to maintain her powers. (Hollywood probably had to think hard about this plausibility.)

Once she has lost her virginity she will no longer have the powers to predict the future.

The sorceress and the Scorpion King, however, fall in love and she loses her virginity to him.

The chemistry between the couple is rather compelling; it is hard not to feel rather happy that the two are together.

The sorceress takes the poison out of the Scorpion King’s leg to save him because he is slowly dying.

By saving his life she ultimately risks sacrificing her own.

Eventually she departs from the desert and makes her way back to the king’s castle.

She, now on the Scorpion King’s side, plots against her own king by giving him a false prediction.

The king (also bewitched by his own sorceress’ beauty) is trapped because the Scorpion King is right behind her while on the way to the castle.

Needless to say, the ending is another happy Hollywood story.

The key thing for this movie is that because the Scorpion King lived through the battle, the blood of the scorpion will always run through his veins.

While often predictable, the action and thrills this movie provides will leave you more than interested in what comes out in the end.

At the end, all that can be said is that The Rock really did save the movie!

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