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New leaders selected for fall semester

Juniors Jaclyn Roco and Amanda Stutevoss will take over the leadership positions for the University of La Verne publications. Roco, who will serve as the editor of the La Verne Magazine, served as the arts and entertainment editor of the Campus Times and was a staff writer for the magazine this semester. Stutevoss was previously the sports editor of the Campus Times and will act as that publication’s editor in chief this fall. / photo by Liz Lucsko

by Tim Tevault
Managing Editor

As University of La Verne students gear up to return to school in late August, journalism professors Elizabeth Zwerling, George Keeler and radio professor Mike Laponis will be meeting with three new leaders for the Campus Times, La Verne Magazine and KULV, respectively, to plan out the fall semester.

For the editor in chief position of Campus Times, Zwerling chose Amanda Stutevoss. Stutevoss, who will be a senior in the fall and is currently sports editor, said she is happy to be assuming the position.

For La Verne Magazine editor, Keeler has selected Jaclyn Roco, a journalism major who will also be a senior in the fall.

Laponis, meanwhile, chose Matt Perez as program director, who has been involved with KULV for three years.

“I think I can bring energy and enthusiasm and a lot of drive to make the paper better,” Stutevoss said. “There’s always room to be better in anything you do.”

Stutevoss, a television broadcast major who is minoring in journalism, has also freelanced for the Inland Valley Times. While on a trip to New York to cover the men’s volleyball team in the championships this April, Stutevoss wrote two stories for the Los Angeles Times publication. Her stories were published that week.

Zwerling said that Stutevoss is more than ready to step up to the plate next semester.

“She’s shown vision, initiative and leadership as sports editor,” Zwerling said. “She’s got a great sense about news and she’s a good writer.”

As for her duties next semester, Stutevoss believes it will be a challenge.

“It’s going to be hard to follow in Ryan’s footsteps,” she said of the current editor in chief of Campus Times, Ryan Mac Donald. “He really molded this paper into what it needed to be.”

Stutevoss is also enthusiastic about taking the paper into its second year of new direction from Zwerling, who started as the Campus Times adviser last fall.

“I’m really excited about working with Elizabeth,” Stutevoss said. “She’s taught me so much just from this semester that I’m so excited with all the things I’ve yet to learn.”

Overall, Stutevoss’ outlook for the future is quite positive.

“We may lack in numbers next semester, but we’re not going to lack in heart or quality,” she said.

In the La Verne Magazine department, Keeler’s choice, Roco, said she did not expect to get the position.

“I’m very surprised and kind of excited with the fact that I have a chance to get to do something different, as opposed to just Campus Times,” she said. “I get to expand my horizons.”

Roco, who joined Campus Times last fall as a staff writer, became arts and entertainment editor this semester. She also joined La Verne Magazine this semester as a staff writer, under the direction of editor Terry Birdsall.

While Roco said she liked the way Birdsall ran the staff, she expressed interest in implementing some changes.

“I’m probably going to change some things, but I’m not too sure what exactly right now,” she said, adding “but I do want to have that persistent quality Terry has.”

Roco noted two particular goals she wants to accomplish next semester.

“I want (the writers) to be proud of their work and not just see that they go there and do one story, correct it and that’s it,” she said. “I (also) want people to recognize that there’s another publication besides Campus Times that’s noteworthy of students’ accomplishments.”

Keeler said he is looking forward to working with Roco.

“Jacky earned the position through excellence in writing, and through the managing of her story,” he said. “Jacky displayed tremendous growth this past semester as a writer and as a leader. It’s a great leadership position for her.”

Roco’s background in journalism is deeply rooted, as she attended a journalism magnet high school, where she was editor in chief of the newspaper for two years.

“I always knew I wanted to be a journalist,” she said.

In addition to being the magazine editor, Roco will continue on the Campus Times staff as an editor.

Meanwhile, Laponis said Perez has earned his way to the top of the radio staff.

“He has served in several different capacities over the years,” Laponis said, adding that Perez has been everything from music director to production director.

“We thought he would be a good choice in keeping the radio station moving forward,” he said.

Journalism operations manager at the University of La Verne. Production manager and business manager of the Campus Times.

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