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Restaurant Review: Gusalmex offers variety

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by Tamika Harrison
Staff Writer

Gusalmex, an authentic Guatemalan, Salvadorian, and Mexican food restaurant in Pomona offers delicious meals and an enjoyable environment.

Gusalmex opened its doors for business in January 1997. Today, five years later, the business is still up and running and popular.

“The business is picking up really well after five years of working,” said Miguel Joj, a restaurant employee and brother of the restaurant owner Guillermo Joj.

Guillermo Joj and his wife work together to ensure that every customer who dines at their restaurant leaves having had a pleasurable dining experience.

Guillermo Joj is Guatemalan and his wife is Mexican.

The purpose of the restaurant is to offer the foods of three different cultures.

This restaurant has a wide selection of Latin food as opposed to other popular restaurants that serve primarily Mexican food.

The menu offers breakfast, lunch, dinner and appetizers that are divided into three parts in which customers can choose foods from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Mexico.

Gusalmex Restaurant also offers desserts, cappuccinos and smoothies.

Kid’s meals, lunch specials, and a special menu for students are also available.

The meals range in price from $5.50 to $7.50.

Affordable meals along with the great-tasting food and hospitality of the Joj family places a spotlight on the Gusalmex Restaurant, making it stand out from the rest.

“This is a family restaurant,” said Miguel Joj. “The good customers we receive and the satisfaction we return along with our great tasting food and our service helps us to grow stronger.”

There is a cozy feeling of warmth and comfort as you enter into the restaurant and are greeted with a warm welcome by the Joj family. This family restaurant is decorated with colors such as red, green and cream.

Diners also may enjoy watching Spanish soap operas that play on a television in the center of the restaurant while awaiting their meals or just relaxing and enjoying the scenery of the restaurant.

Gusalmex Restaurant is located at 150 W. Holt Ave. in the city of Pomona, between Garey and Park Ave.

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