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Money truly is the root of all evil

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Jaclyn Roco, LV Life Editor

Jaclyn Roco, LV Life Editor

Whoever said, “Money is the root of all evil,” really knew his or her stuff. Money does make the world go round, as they say, and the sad part is there is no way to stop this infatuation.

Bling, bling. I’m programmed to be a money-making machine. Although this spur-of-the-moment, self-made quote sounds ludicrous, so, too, is all of society. Did anyone ever stop to realize the type of system we are stuck in?

It is as if we are all sucked up into a whirlwind of cycles. We pay tens of thousands of dollars to attend a good university; we want to go to a good university because we want to get a high paying job; we want a high paying job so we can pay the hordes of bills piled up on our marble table-bills piled up to compensate for the luxurious life style we have envisioned all our lives.

And when were we programmed to think like this? Try thinking back to the days your parents would say, “Don’t worry sweetie, you’ll be able to drive that nice car once you have your own money.”

Or my personal favorite, “What do you think, that I’m made of money? Money doesn’t grow on trees. If you want that, go earn it.”

How about the good ol’ days when we actually thought of becoming the person we admired? When we used to say, “I want to be a teacher or a fireman someday.” We weren’t thinking of the money we would be making — we wanted to actually be somebody; we wanted respect.

But nowadays, we usually tend to associate respect with the green stuff. Wads of cash sitting in a Louis Vitton wallet means that you have made it. And even if some people may say, money doesn’t buy happiness, at least those with money get to be miserable in comfort.

I used to think the world would function if money was never invented. What reason do we have to think we were better than others?

What excuse would the United States have to tower over the rest? Most of all, what excuse would we have to separate ourselves from each other?

I just find it strange that the government makes the currency, yet always complains that there is not enough. Why is our economy slumping if we are still exchanging money into each other’s hands?

Yeah, I know the war going on has a lot to do with this economic crisis, but I still say if there was no money, none of us would be so angry with each other. Well, I was never that good with economics anyway.

Call me a simpleton or an idiot; I don’t care. I’ve had a lot of time to think about this. I mean, I’m going to be in debt for the rest of my life just because I chose to go to this school.

Yet, those who come from lower class families get more financial aid than I do and sometimes don’t have to worry about anything. Is it my fault that my father makes some money? Is that a sin, and am I to pay for that?

Well, sorry to spew my anger and simple ideas forth onto this paper, but money does not have to be the center of everything. Of course, however, you probably will never agree-you were sucked into the system after all.

Jaclyn Roco, a senior journalism major, is LV Life editor of the Campus Times. She can be reached by e-mail at

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