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Projector stolen from Biology Department

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by Melissa Lau
Managing Editor

A report was made to campus security about a stolen projector that was taken from smart classroom 261 in the Mainiero Building.

Although he was unsure of the exact time and date of the theft, John Lentz, director of campus safety and transportation, said there was an 18-hour time frame for the early September crime.

Jay Jones, director of the office of instructional technology and research, said the projector was an easy target because it had not been secured.

The Biology Department paid more than $5,000 for the equipment, bought in late 2000.

But its current values is closer to $3,500, Jones said.

Campus security reported the incident to the La Verne Police Department.

“It’s so hard to get money to fund these resources,” Jones said.

Jones can relate to the biology department’s loss because of his experience last semester when he discovered two boys stealing a DVD player.

The two boys were later apprehended.

As for the recent incident, LVPD has taken fingerprints from the scene, but have not been able to match them.

The remaining projectors have been put in cages.

Lentz said campus safety and transportation is considering putting cameras in the halls so his department can better monitor who goes in and out of classrooms.

Anyone with any information concerning the projector or who took it, is asked to call campus safety at ext. 4950.

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