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Theater joins with Communications for class

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by Jennifer Dodd
Staff Writer

After an impressive spring semester, with the strong performances in Shakespeare’s “Pericles,” the University of La Verne’s Theater Arts and Music departments will join forces this November to put on the musical production of “Naughty Marietta,” written by Victor Herbert and directed by David Flaten, theater arts department chairman.

This collaboration is just the beginning of what the Theater Arts Department hopes will be the start of more successful alliances with other departments on campus.

The department’s Art Direction class is involved with the upcoming musical and the Communications Department will videotape it as well.

“La Verne Television will shoot live with pickups and they may even schedule inserts if need be,” said Flaten.

These collaborations help students to gain experience with what’s going on in every aspect of their prospective field.

Another project due next spring is a new class being added called Acting For the Camera THAR/TV 212 and 312.

This class will blend the Theater and Communications departments together by being an acting class that uses actual studio time.

“We’ve had the idea to do this class for a long time,” said Don Pollock, professor of communications.

The Communications Department has had an informal relationship with the theater department for a long time, said Pollock.

The Theater Arts Department has many well-trained actors, but living in Los Angeles, it is essential to have experience in front of the camera.

Communications Department students need experience working with actors.

“Students will be learning the special techniques of acting for the camera,” said Steve Kent, professor of theater arts.

Pollock and Kent will team-teach the class.

“It will allow for a more immediate and direct access to the skills and techniques of performing in front of the camera as well as what goes on behind the camera,” said Pollock. Everyone is encouraged to join the class.

Performances of “Naughty Marietta” begin in mid-November.

For more information on Acting for the Camera call Pollock at extension 4277 or Kent at extension 4551.

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