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ULV gets publications award

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by Jaclyn Roco
LV Life Editor

The University of La Verne recently received two gold awards in recognition for its recruitment publications, designed to attract new students to the University for the 2002 to 2003 academic years. The awards were won for both the Student Research Piece and for the Total Recruitment Campaign, and were given by the Admissions Marketing Report, a national admissions journal, which featured a cover story on the University’s awards on its September issue.

Sent to almost every college or university across the country, the Admissions Marketing Report organizes a select committee that sorts through all the publications. The committee may award publications based on design, effectiveness and packaged result.

This year’s recruitment publications followed the theme “Dare to expect more” and were designed in part by Lime Twig. The concepts mentioned in the package were broken down into categories which followed the theme: “Dare to expect more from yourself, professors, your future and more of the world.”

Lori Schmidt, who takes care of client management at Lime Twig, worked closely with ULV to create pieces that would “work well and really communicate,” she said.

“Of course we are thrilled about (winning),” Schmidt said. “But we really wanted the University to capture, to put ULV out on the edge, to communicate by telling stories, visually and textually. A lot of people took notice.”

The first award, given for best initial contact piece, rewarded key points meant to attract prospective students.

The second award for the overall recruitment package, honored the admissions department’s attempt to design an “interesting, attractive and compelling piece of information whose message is clear and is defined in an ongoing process, where everything fits well together,” said Lisa Meyer, dean of admissions.

Although Meyer appreciates the awards, she said the recruitment package didn’t focus on winning.

“I suppose the receiving of an award in itself isn’t particularly important,” she said. “The award represents something that is important (in that) we are producing materials that clearly define the University, its mission and its benefits to students.

“We wanted to accomplish the goal of bringing in a good, freshman class,” she said. “Winning the awards was like icing on the cake.”

For Meyer and her staff, many considerations have to be taken to ensure a successful incoming student body. Meyer said she has to consider among other things a potential student’s academic history (grade point average and prior classes taken), academic accomplishments, SAT scores and involvement in and out of school.

A very serious consideration is placed upon diversity, which is not just limited to a potential student’s ethnic background. Meyer said diversity also includes access to first generation students and socio-economic status.

“All of this is what we are looking for in a class. We try to balance these things,” she said.

The award, recognized for the years 2002 to 2003, may be seen in the admissions department, located at Miller Hall. You may also see the recruitment publications by visiting

This “microsite,” designed by Lime Twig, was a part of the whole recruitment package award and “really plays well with the whole undergraduate program,” Schmidt said. The architecture, based specifically on the campaign will be added later, she said.

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