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Donations sought for hurricane victims

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by Jennifer Dodd
Staff Writer
and Gloria Diaz
Arts & Entertainment Editor

In September, Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula was devastated by Hurricane Isidore, which destroyed homes, robbed fishermen of their boats, pummeled the region’s agricultural livelihood and left more than 30,000 families homeless.

Universidad del Mayab in Merida, Yucatan, is working with other Mexican and U.S. universities to help those hardest hit by Isidore, which was the worst disaster the region has ever experienced.

The University of La Verne Communications Department and the International and Study Abroad Center are collaborating on a donations program for hurricane victims. Jose Soto, visiting professor of communications, has joined forces with Florangely Herrera, Director of Corporative Communication for the University del Mayab. They are asking other universities and organizations to help in any way possible.

“I am in a position to help or to find help and I am going to take advantage of it,” Soto said.

International Student Center Director Phil Hofer, who is working with Soto, said he hopes the ULV community will support the cause.

“We wanted to respond to the need, especially because Jose was so motivated,” Hofer said.

A group of communications students have already donated a bag of clothes.

Donations of food, clothes, medicine and cash are all needed as are lights and blankets.

Contributions are being accepted in the Arts and Communications Building, the International and Study Abroad Center and the University Chapel.

For more information, call Soto at extension 6049.

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