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Zammitt makes Plexiglas ‘particles and waves’

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by Lacy Cascadden
Staff Writer

Eric Zammitt, artist and creator of “Particles and Waves,” is exhibiting his work at the Harris Gallery at the University of La Verne.

Zammitt creates his art out of laminated Plexiglas. The color and complexity of the piece gives a modern, futuristic twist to the classic art form.

Zammitt’s work looks like hundreds of tiny squares placed together to create unique patterns. It almost appears as though you are traveling at the speed of light. Each piece is different in size, color and pattern.

If one was to stare they could lose themselves in intricate texture. One can almost touch the squares as though they were 3D. The pieces can be enjoyed with just a glance, but to capture the deepness of the art, a second longer look is defiantly needed.

“Zammitt is transcending the cliché of plastic,” said Dion Johnson, manager of the Harris Gallery and Director of the Tall Wall in the Arts and Communication Building.

The pieces currently on display vary in size, some as large as 10 feet in length. The use of different colors and patterns creates excitement. The pieces almost create the vision of traveling through light.

The art is “more of an object than a painting,” Johnson said. The colors are not necessarily in the natural spectrum. They are colors produced by technology.

The art is made by using acrylic plastics. He cuts each piece and then assembles them by hand. Then all the pieces are connected on a larger sheet of Plexiglas and laminated. Zammitt sands the entire piece. The patterns are often made with the help of a computer.

Pieces included in the show are: “Too High,” “Yellowgreenearth” and “Bluegreen/hotwarms.” But these names do not nearly describe the art. It is an explosion of colors that appeals to the senses.

Joey Garcia, a sophomore at ULV, works in the Harris Gallery office. He said he was very interested in art. Zammitt’s work really captured his attention.

“It looks so interesting and complicated,” Garcia said.

Although he was unfamiliar with the artist, Garcia now knows Zammitt’s work and he likes what he sees.

Zammitt was born in Los Angeles in 1960 and lives in Altadena. He has spent the last 12 years working out of a garage, creating his masterpieces.

He has exhibited work across the country and internationally. His art is in many galleries across the United States including the Krueger Gallery in Pasadena and Baylor University in Texas. Zammitt is also exhibiting work in the Sabina Lee Gallery in Korea.

He spent three years doing independent art and woodworking in Japan and other parts of Asia. He continues to do woodworking and is often asked to create unique pieces. In addition, Zammitt makes furniture, which is greatly influenced by Japanese art, and jewelry. He also draws

Zammitt’s “Particles and Waves” will be at The Harris Gallery until March 4. The Gallery is adjacent to the Landis Academic Center. Admission is free.

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