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Apathy evident in ASF elections

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Another annual spring event at the University of La Verne has come and gone with inappropriately little campuswide attention. No, it is not the take-off-your-clothes and head to Cancun spring break, nor the men’s volleyball team’s trip to finals in Pennsylvania.

The event that should draw a fierce competition, but instead draws little enthusiasm, is the race and voting for the Associated Student Federation Forum president.

The ASF president presides over ASF meetings and is responsible for seeing that decisions are implemented in the ULV community.

The president also has the deciding vote in a tie and acts as the liaison to the president of the University.

Even with all this, only one student was listed on the ballot under the president category.

Why the lack of interest? Perhaps it’s because there was only one candidate both qualified and interested in the position.

To qualify, a candidate must have served one-year in the ASF forum. Perhaps there was lack of interest because students did not know or care about running for ASF positions, due to bad publicity (isn’t that the reason for the public relations position on the Forum?) Or possibly it is because most students just don’t care about politics.

It’s sad to see such an apathetic view wash across campus.

Students should care ­ this is the person who represents the students and ultimately decides what activities ASF sponsors.

Do you really want to listen to the guy from “The Real World” speak again? If you don’t, then get out there and vote.

Most students didn’t even know that there was an opportunity to vote for three days this week, so maybe ASF needs to get the word out across campus or increase the voting options.

Only allowing three days to vote? Student’s schedules are jam-packed already.

Some students find eating and sleeping hard enough to fit in their schedules ­ and if that is true, then just think how hard it is to squeeze voting into their schedule.

This is the information age; why not give students the option of voting online?

The polls may be closed for the year, but it’s important to stay informed about what affects you.

Everyone needs to exercise his or her right to vote.

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