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The mission statement of the Associated Student Federation Forum states that it is “dedicated to creating an environment that will enhance the University experience. (They) believe in fostering growth through leadership, academic excellence, life long learning and campus involvement.”

The purpose of ASF, according to the ASF Web site, is that “it is the governing body who represents the interests and welfare of all traditional undergraduate students who attend the main campus of the University of La Verne.”

The Forum is also supposed to exemplify “leadership, advocating for the student body, promoting campus involvement.”

These principles sound like they would make the Forum an effective system, but students at ULV have seen countless times that ASF does not serve in the best interest of the student body nor does it promote campus involvement. Although there have been a few successful events that have united the student community, there have been many that have failed to spark positive student feedback.

Here is a wish list with some suggestions for the upcoming year:

1. Allocation of funds. Money that is supposed to go to clubs and organizations should be distributed evenly.

If a student-run organization wants to sponsor an event that would bring out the ULV community, the organization should be given some financial assistance to help cover the cost of the event.

2. Publicize events and plan them better. ASF constantly depends on word of mouth to publicize their events.

Students hear about “Bowling Night” at 3 p.m., when the event starts at 10:30 p.m. Many times there are students that never knew of the event, but would have enjoyed going.

If events were planned better, rather than at the last minute, there would be a better turnout at the events.

Student activity fees that come out of our tuition pay for these events. Seeing a low turnout and faulty planning makes it seem like our money is not being put to good use.

3. Publicize elections and candidates. Candidates vying for office are unknown to students.

There are no flyers or posters advertising a student’s candidacy for office. It would be nice to get students more involved in the elections rather than trusting them to make the right choice based on their name and the reputation they have built for themselves on this campus.

Often times, students are unaware that elections are going on.

The only notice is the one on a table with a poster reading “ASF Elections.”

At other schools, students are given the chance to join political forums where they can interact with the governing body. At ULV, student participation is lacking, mainly because students do not see anything happening with the input they give.

It is not until recently that ASF has tried to get students involved, and we applaud ASF for that. Our suggestion would be for ASF to continue on that path.

4. Organize events that students actually attend. Neighboring schools have famous bands that perform for free on campus.

What do ULV students get? They get stuck with having their money pay for expensive speakers and violinists that only five to 10 students go to watch. Aren’t the events sponsored by ASF supposed to interest the whole student body?

Yet, speakers that no one goes to watch are still being paid to come. Last October, ASF spent roughly $2,000 on a Halloween speaker that only five students attended is absurd.

Some students never see that much money during their time in college, yet, ASF is spending that amount on one speaker? How is this even justifiable. Did ASF really think students would go watch this speaker?

With that much money, there could have been a Halloween festival that resembles the Commuter Fair (the students thank you for that event).

In short, the Campus Times hopes ASF will not look past these requests, but rather see them as a means to improve the quality of the Forum.

Thank you for taking the time to read our concerns. We wish you luck.

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