ULV receives across-the-board press awards

by Alexis Carrillo
Staff Writer

ULV communication students cleaned up at the California Intercollegiate Press Association contest for work produced during the 2002-2003 year. The University’s newspaper, magazine, and radio and television stations all won the sweepstakes in their respective categories, making them each the most decorated publications and stations in the state in their respective categories.

The CIPA awards are a statewide contest for four-year universities to have their work recognized and judged.

ULV has participated in CIPA since their departments were established in the curriculum in the 70’s. ULV generally competes well in categories but this year recent contest marked the department’s best showing ever.

Campus Times won first place in areas such as best newspaper sports section, best news photograph, and newspaper news series.

La Verne Magazine won first place in areas such as best magazine news article, best magazine cover, and best magazine art/graphics sports section.

KULV won first place in categories such as best radio documentary and best sports Play by Play.

LVTV won first place in categories such as best television news story, best television Feature Story and best television sportscast

“Eye on La Verne helped ULV to be placed in more categories,” said Don Pollock, communications professor, and LVTV station manager. “It’s an historic event for ULV students to have their work recognized and honored.”

“We’re thrilled with winning the sweepstakes, essentially (making us) the most decorated college weekly newspaper in California,” said Elizabeth Zwerling, the adviser for Campus Times. “It’s a tribute to the hard work of students, editors and staff writers,”

“I’m proud of the work this year. It was the best showing for the quality of work,” said Eric Borer, communications assistant.

Additional Awards:

· Best Newspaper Special Section: 2nd Place

· Best Newspaper Front-Page layout, Tabloid: Honorable Mention (HM)

· Best Newspaper Investigative Article: Alexis Lahr, HM

· Best Newspaper Human Interest Article: Ryan MacDonald, 2nd place and Jaclyn Roco, 3rd place.

· Best Newspaper Editorial: 3rd place.

· Best Newspaper Humor or Satirical Column: Taylor Kingsbury, HM

· Best Newspaper Sports Feature Article: Alexis Lahr, HM

· Best Newspaper Sports Section: 1st place

· Best News Photograph: Jennifer Contreras, 1st place and Tom Galaraga, 3rd place

· Best Feature Photograph: Liz Lucsko, 1st place and Jennifer Contreras, 3rd place

· Best Sports Photograph: Peter Schupmann, 1st place and Liz Lucsko, 2nd place

· Best Newspaper News Series: Tim Tevault and Todd Ruiz, 1st place

· Best Newspaper Editorial Cartoon: Christian Lopez, HM

· Best Newspaper News Article: Tim Tevault and Amanda Stutevoss, 1st place

· Best Newspaper Website: 3rd place

· Best Magazine News Article: Julia Carachure, 1st place and Christine Owen, 2nd place

· Best Magazine Human Interest Article: Jaclyn Roco, 3rd place and Terry Birdsall, HM

· Best Magazine Cover: Amy Babin, 1st place and Jennifer Contreras, HM

· Best Magazine Art/ Graphics: Christian A. Lopez, 1st place

· Best Magazine Color Photograph: Tom Galaraga and Liz Lucsko, 2nd place

· Magazine General Excellence: 2nd place

· Best Radio Documentary: Falone Serna, 1st place and Risa Martinez, 2nd place

· Best Sports Play by Play: James Morrison and Shane Rodrigues, 1st place

· Best Television Newscast: Nathan Baca, Agustin Avalos, and Amanda Stutevoss, Eye on La Verne, 2nd place. Nathan Baca, Agustin Avalos, Mark Chiapelli, Eye on La Verne, 3rd place

· Best Television News Story: Veronica Perez and Nathan Baca, LVTV. 1st place. Nathan Baca, Agustin Avalos, and Mark Chiapelli, HM

· Best Television News Story: La Verne Spotlight, 3rd place and La Verne Spotlight, HM

· Best Television Feature Story: Edna Becerra and Agustin Avalos, 1st place and Nate Michael, 2nd place

· Best Television Sportscast: James Morrison, 1st place

Journalism operations manager at the University of La Verne. Production manager and business manager of the Campus Times.

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