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ULV opens new campus

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Tom Anderson
Staff Writer

The University of La Verne celebrated the opening of its 11th campus on Sept. 16, located in the high desert community of Victorville.

Attendees of last Thursday’s ceremony numbered approximately 140, and included members of the Victorville Chamber of Commerce (the agency that co-hosted the event); ULV President Steve Morgan; Gordon Badovick, dean of the School of Business and Global Studies; residents of the high desert; ULV alumni and representatives from Barstow Community College and Victorville Community College, just to name a few.

Prospective students could take brochures pertaining to programs that piqued their interest, and members of various departments were on hand to answer questions and address concerns. But the new campus is only the latest chapter in ULV’s commitment to providing high desert residents with its services.

“The University of La Verne has been offering bachelor’s and master’s degree programs to high desert residents since 1986,” said Ray Johnson, interim dean of ULV’s School of Continuing Education. “Our new High Desert Campus allows us to accommodate the area’s increasing educational needs and provide it at times that fit into students’ demanding schedules.”

An estimated 200 students are enrolled for the fall semester, which starts Oct. 6 and is on an accelerated 10-week schedule.

Those students will be attending class in a world-class and self-contained learning environment, said Jesse Martinez, regional marketing director for the ULV SCE.

“We are very proud of our growth and our new facility,” he said.

“The new building is impressive with expansive classrooms, additional administrative space and a state-of-the-art computer lab.”

The brand new building was designed and constructed within the University’s specifications, and staff members began moving in this past January.

It is conveniently located just west of Interstate 15 at the Palmdale Boulevard exit.

At the High Desert Campus, students will be able to earn bachelor’s degrees in business administration, organizational management, public administration, health administration, liberal studies and child development. Graduate students will be able to earn their master’s degree in business administration and leadership and management.

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