ASF continues to fall short

The Associated Student Federation Forum at the University of La Verne states that it “serves our Federation by exemplifying leadership, advocating for the student body, promoting campus involvement, commitment to life long learning, and honoring academic excellence.” But this year it doesn’t seem like ASF is living up to what it claims to be.

We re-elected Travis Berry as our president, hoping he was the right one for the job. But mid-way into his second term it still does not seem like he has accomplished much. If anything, things have gotten worse. One of his many campaign slogans last year was “Not the ASF President, Your ASF President.” Well.. let’s see it.

ASF suffers from poor communication. Berry has a great relationship with the administration, but a poor one with the student body.

How is that benefiting the students? He’s our voice, not theirs. Not that the Forum should not be on good terms with the administration, but they should be here for the students first and foremost.

Let’s use Homecoming as a prime example. There was little to almost no advance notice about anything regarding Homecoming.

There was a breakdown in publicity. Minimal signs were distributed last minute to let people know about events. No information was sent out via email or student mailboxes, no large posters are posted anywhere on campus and no information about this school year can even be found on ASF’s Web site. The events calendar on ASF’s page lists events from February through May, a lot of good that does in November.

An important part of the University’s homecoming tradition is the selection of king and queen. This process was rushed this year because ASF did not notify the clubs and organizations of the nominating process and deadline until maybe a week prior. And as far as voting for court goes, not many people even knew that it was taking place, or where for that matter.

Apparently it took place in Davenport while it was raining last week and was in the Student Center after that. These locations are not prime for attracting students walking around campus when nobody knows what’s going on. Commuters especially are not prone to stopping by Davenport just in case there is something to vote on. There needed to be posters and an easily viewed voting location.

We’re asking ASF to work on their communication with clubs, organizations and the student body as a whole. There’s a public relations position for a reason, so we ask that they use it to publicize events.

There has been more student interaction in past years and there has been less confusion and less problems. With Homecoming this year it seems the University is more focused on trying to get alumni involvement (mostly so they will make monetary contributions). And while that is important, it is more important to try and get school spirit to come from those who currently attend the school. But they need to know about events in order for that to happen.

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