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Dear Editor,

Just reaching out for a little commiseration after the election’s dismal outcome. Feeling blue and realizing how much hope I was putting into the anyone-but-Bush camp. Now I’m trying to get my feet back on the ground or maybe, better said, to let go of every false ground (to reach that Buddhist place of groundlessness), realizing:

1) It is a mistake to put too much hope in the outcome of an(y) election (because)

2) The work for peace and justice we have to do with Bush reelected is no more or less than what we would have to do had Kerry been elected; and

3) A lot of the work we have to do is internal (deeper self-examination of what it means to be an American given the criminality of the actions of the U.S. and its agents in the world and our own (even unwitting) complicity in that criminality, and spiritual preparation for the very difficult times that inevitably, given U.S. privilege, colonialism, and occupation, lie ahead in the ongoing reactions to that very privilege, colonialism, and occupation), and

4) It is urgent that we more actively resist the violence that everywhere threatens life by finding concrete ways to heal, restore, renew the broken places in the world, which means

5) We must be more willing to face up to, open up to, increase our awareness of suffering in the world, and

6) We must be more kind and forgiving and generous toward all sentient beings including ourselves, and

7) We must do all we can to enhance and develop our sense of community with others who also want to live in a spirit of compassion and healing.

In other words, maybe we can use our sadness as the opportunity to take stock of who we are and what we need to do to live most fully in these days.

Steve Kinzie
Assistant Director of Learning Enhancement Center
Adjunct Professor of Peace Studies
With the support of Jane Dibbell, Theater; Dan Merritt, Biology; Debbie Roberts, Campus Ministry and Peace Studies; and Zandra Wagoner, Director of General Education.

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