ULV’s makeover misses steps

While we are open to plans for campus expansion, we also value how accessible everything currently is. In just one building students have access to grabbing a bite to eat at the Spot, checking their mailboxes, breaking a sweat at the workout facility and visiting club offices. But starting in March, the Supertents will undergo renovation.

It seems that the plans, although promising for the future of the school, have failed to consider how construction will affect the campus.

Where will all the club offices, athletic equipment and mailboxes be moved during renovation?

It seems the committee behind the construction of the new Campus Center and renovation of the Supertents forgot to consider exactly what would happen to these facilities and most importantly, how it will affect students and faculty.

The parking lot adjacent to the training center will be closed-off leaving students with even less parking options than there are now.

The Spot will be moved to Davenport. How exactly will that work? Does that mean students still have the options to order items off the menu offered in the Spot and cooked for them and served as fast as it usually is? Or will students have to get in line with Davenport diners and wait twice as long for their meals?

Many students in a rush for a bag of chips or quick sandwich flock to the Spot to ditch the bustle and lines in Davenport.

If both eateries are located in the same facility and there is limited space for preparing meals, what happens to the employees of the Spot if there is limited space behind Davenport grills? Will they have to look for another job to hold them over until the completion of the Supertents’ makeover?

Now comes the question of graduation: With construction trucks, unearthed concrete and a whole segment of parking spaces taken by construction crews, how will the University accommodate the guests on that special day? Will family members have to drive around aimlessly before finding a parking spot miles away from the campus? What kind of atmosphere is in store for graduation day as portions of the campus will be under construction? Keep in mind this is just the first phase of the Campus Center Project.

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