High time for change

The tides are changing within the Associated Student Federation Forum as President Travis Berry will be stepping down at the end of the semester.

We here at the Campus Times see this time of change as an excellent opportunity to really make some changes within our student government.

So here are some suggestions of what we would like to see from the new Forum executive board.

We’ll start with publicity. Please don’t keep the student body in the dark. If an event is planned for them, then it’s a good idea to let them know in advance.

A good start would be an updated Web site with information. Even a flyer here or there. Or maybe an e-mail.

As far as funding goes, funds should be allocated to all clubs, organizations and activities, not just a select few.

Along those lines, we hope the Forum will be supportive overall, not just monetarily, of organizations on campus. There’s a lot of diversity with our campus organizations and everyone sees that, let’s not forget to recognize that.

And when there is a choice to fund either a social event or an academic speaker or debate, let’s try and make a balance and a variety.

While social events are fun and worthwhile for the student body, the academic opportunities that ASF promises are not being provided. Students can benefit from events that concern issues that affect them or pertain to their respective majors.

It’s not all about allocating funds. We’d also like to see ASF advocate for the issues that are important to the students. They are, after all, the voice of the students. Try and find out what is important to the students and fight for them.

Take the discontinuation of the men’s volleyball team for example, where was ASF during that ordeal? It was an issue that was important to the students. As our government they should fight for such things.

Who’s to say we can’t stand up to the administration and fight for what we want? We’d like to see this sort of thing happen in the future. As it stands right now, ASF is not serving as the University’s student government, more like the activities coordinators.

That is why we are glad to see that the office of student affairs is forming a Campus Activities Board. Now with the advent of CAB, when it finally gets established it will take some of the responsibility off of ASF.

We hope this will be the opportunity for ASF to find some focus in government and really get to know its students and exercise the responsibilities that come with the job.

Student representation is called for on many committees on campus that directly effect the student body. Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs Al Clark said most faculty committees make an effort to get student representation. “The Undergraduate Academic Policy Committee and General Academic Committee seem critical for student representation,” he said.

While student reps have sat on these committees in the past, committees like the Financial Aid Advisory Committee and Graduate Academic Policy Committee are not always attended by ASF.

There are understandable time conflicts with meetings scheduled Wednesdays during classes and other organizations’ meetings, but this should not excuse ASF involvement on these committees.

ASF should take a look at its students, especially the newcomers, and find out what they are interested in and try to get them involved as much as they can.

There is so much potential in student government and in our officers here at the University of La Verne. We would just like to see that potential fulfilled and make things happen that are beneficial for all.

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