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Bags: faux or no

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Christine Moitoso
Staff Writer

From Louis Vuitton to Coach to Dooney and Bourke, women are spending more than $200 on an accessory that carries their wallet, cell phone and lipstick.

“They are a good quality purse, but customers basically just buy them because of the name,” said Christina Macias, a sales associate at the Macy’s at the Montclair Plaza.

Others see a difference.

“I can tell the difference in the quality and if I have a possession, I want to have the real thing,” said Deborah Nunez, administrative assistant of the University of La Verne.

According to Macias the real Coach purses have a serial number on the inside and you can actually register your purse so that if it breaks you can have it fixed for free.

Coach purses are made with natural leather that has double stitched seams and shines over time. The founder of Coach actually got his idea from a baseball glove and how flexible it became with use.

“Last year, I bought a couple of fake bags,” Arangua said. “I am a broke college student, and when I do earn money, I don’t want to spend it on something like a purse. I think that by purchasing a fake one you can get the expensive look for a fraction of the price.”

Nunez sees it differently because she feels that if you can’t afford it, you need to save up.

“I have to have top quality in everything if I can afford it. I always tell my girls that if you want something, just save up your money,” Nunez said.

In the end what sets apart the real ones from the fake ones is preference. Two hundred dollars versus $30—you decide.

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