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Suzuki joins ULV

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Jennifer Kitzmann
Staff Writer

In a new partnership between the University of La Verne and the American Suzuki Motor Corporation, Suzuki employees can take on-site courses and work toward a ULV degree.

Delivering such programs to corporations is a great way to develop employee satisfaction with on-going training through degree programs, said Tom Scali, executive director of corporate contacts for the School of Continuing Education.

Employees at Suzuki who successfully complete these courses will be working toward a bachelor’s degree in organizational management.

The program also includes electives from a variety of disciplines that help individuals choose courses that are best suited for them in their major or career choice.

The Core requirements of ULV’s Organizational Management program are general management and interpersonal skills.

“ULV is as committed as the students graduating and will do whatever in helping the students succeed and have a complete experience,” said Leslie Edmonds, human resources manager for the California Gas Company, which also has an ongoing partnership with ULV’s on-site program.

The University has a long-standing history and tradition in delivering degree programs to universities, corporations, school districts, hospitals and public agencies.

Many employees graduate with honors and end up returning to further their education, eventually earning masters degrees.

“The educational program has been a tremendous eye-opening experience and an inspiration for those who have completed the course,” Edmonds said.

“Many employees who have received their degree have gotten promotions in the company and now (are) moving further ahead having more to offer,” she said.

“Other employees are looking to do the same,” she added.

Participating employees who are working toward a degree can register online.

They can also receive academic advice at their organization’s site and have their textbooks mailed to them at home.

Suzuki got involved after the University contacted the company to see if there was any interest in having a degree program delivered on-site for their employees.

“Arranging for the University of La Verne’s degree program to be held on the premises at Suzuki demonstrates an ongoing willingness by the organization to assist its employees’ personal and professional development,” said Stan Redman, associate director of human resources for Suzuki.

Suzuki agreed to allow the University to conduct informational meetings to gauge interest.

“I believe they are pleased with their first course, but it is a bit early to speak about anysuccess stories as of yet,” Scali said.

“The on-site degree program allows Suzuki to assist as employees fulfill their personal and professional goals,” he added.

Scali sees the importance of teamwork, such as the one the University has formed with Suzuki.

“Most corporations need to continuously upgrade their employees’ knowledge base in order for them to also fulfill their personal and professional goals,” Scali said.

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