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16th annual dinner praises Latin culture

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Hugo Bryan Castillo
Assistant Editor

The University of La Verne’s Latino Student Forum and the Latino Alumni Association held their 16th Annual Bienvenida and third Annual Tardeada Dinner in the Old Gym Sunday.

“It is an opportunity for friends and family to come see what LSF has done in the community,” said LSF president junior Sholeh Gaviria.”We want to make it a fiesta and emphasize our culture.”

The Old Gym was decorated with vibrant colors used in Latin celebrations and papel picado, designs cut into thin sheets of colorful paper.

Attendees enjoyed the live Mariachi band and the great food, from Mexican rice to enchiladas and refreshing horchata.

“It’s very pleasing to see the event be a success,” Gaviria said. “I couldn’t have done it without the help of the other members.”

Jasmine Aburas, a senior English major, who was part of the decorations committee, said it took them five hours to put up the decorations the night before.

“The hardest thing was trying to cover the walls and make them look festive,” Aburas said. “But it shows the hard work LSF put into the event.”

Toward the end of the dinner, leadership awards were given, followed by a dance.

“It is so wonderful to see both LSF and LAA co-sponsor something together,” said Juan Pablo Miramontes, president of the Latino Alumni Association. “Even though we are alumni, we are still part of the University and we show our support.”

Miramontes hoped for the guests to leave the event with a sense of pride and enlightment about the Latin culture.

“The ULV community is an extended community and hopefully we can have a long tradition of support through such events,” Miramontes said.

Gaviria looks forward to future events with the members of LSF and LAA.

“LSF and LAA has become a big group of friends and family,” she said. “We want people to know that LSF is strong and growing stronger everyday.”

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