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ASF focuses on student needs

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With so many issues to deal with at the University of La Verne, students now have a voice to speak their opinions and concerns. The newly restructured Associated Students Federation Forum has become that advocate for students.

In the past ASF has lagged on its student advocacy platform, but with its recent make-over, ASF is tackling the issues of student fees, tuition, financial aid, and registration, among others.

Students can now shout in praise to know that ASF is on an activist role. The group has made its presence known in many of the faculty committees at the University. The financial aid office has come to know our ASF president for her unrelenting interest in the student body’s needs. She has forced financial aid to reevaluate its service to the student body, seeing as how students often leave the office with negative feelings.

Because of the new ASF and all it does for the students, now more than ever students are enthusiastic to be a part of the organization that is the voice of its peers. A year ago, student voter turnout was at an all-time low, and now students are coming out in masses to make their choice for the ASF secretary and vice president (the two positions vacated after the departure of former president Travis Berry).

Students not involved in ASF are attending the meetings to find out about the next hot issue that they can help support. In fact, student attendance at meetings has risen so much that the meeting had to be moved to Founders Auditorium.

The protest that ASF staged outside of Founders Hall demanding that better food be served at Davenport Dining Hall was a courageous display of bravado and dedication to its constituency. This protest persuaded the administration to hire Wolfgang Puck to be the catering service for the campus.

It is nice to see that ASF officers have begun wearing silk ties with activist slogans like “Lower Tuition Now!” and “Free the Garden Gnomes.”

They have also changed their cubicle from a cushy layer into a bunker from which they intend to detonate the first explosive designed to clear land for the new parking structure they have promised us for several years.

The vandalism caused by ASF to the law school proved that they were no longer willing to sit there and take it (whatever IT may be). There have been widely circulated rumors about silver back apes dressed in clown suits rummaging through old Roe v. Wade dockets in the law school. These bandits allegedly proceeded to eat and regurgitate these documents into the Coke machine.

The new ASF has begun a new wave of political activism, which has truly raised the bar for future generations of Leopard student leaders. From now on, only the truly radical can expect to lead the Leopard charge.

April Fools!

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