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Club tackles big questions

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Marilee Lorusso
Staff Writer

There are many questions that have stymied people throughout the ages – and sometimes there aren’t any right or wrong answers, only more questions.

Junior philosophy major Derek Keepers is in the process of creating a club that will tackle these questions.

The University of La Verne Philosophy Club will be a forum where students of all backgrounds and beliefs can come together to discuss the world issues and big questions. It will provide the chance for students to learn about their peers and maybe even a little about themselves.

“I noticed that all of the philosophical dialogue that was occurring on campus, especially within the department, had been confined to classrooms,” Keepers said.

“Although discussion in the classroom is very important, I believe that it is a crucial part of any society to engage in these sorts of discussions outside in the social sphere,” he added.

Currently, the club, which is still in the early stages of development, has not yet been officially recognized on campus.

In addition to Keepers, ULV students John Patrick, Brenna Lampson and Dane Sawyer as well as faculty from the philosophy department are all taking part in the club’s development.

“I envision an informal meeting of people who are interested in the ever-present issues of our world,” Keepers said of his plan for the club.

“So far it has consisted of the few of us hanging out at Warehouse eating pizza and talking about different philosophical topics, from Sartre, to the splicing of animal and human brain cells, to contemporary politics,” he added. “Dialogue is my only plan, as for the structure, it is up to those in the club.”

Students will have the chance to participate in group discussions not only about philosophical issues but also about today’s society and current issues.

Keepers does not intend to have a lecture format to the meetings, including formal readings, but does want to address current issues through which he sends out e-mails with information about topics and issues to think about to spark discussion topics at the meetings.

Meetings are being held on Monday nights at 9 p.m. at Warehouse Pizza.

Keepers said that this is open to change as more students decide to become involved with the club.

“The club is open to all,” Keepers said. “Not just philosophy students.”

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