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Restaurant Review: Press creates fine impression

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Jessica Warden
Staff Writer
The Press restaurant makes for an eventful meal mixing fine dining with live music.

Located at 192 Harvard Avenue, in the heart of downtown Claremont, the Press has been in business for the last eight years but long ago was a printer’s shop.

With a laid-back java house atmosphere and organic treats, this affordable eatery is sure to strike a cord with the young and bohemian.

From Americana to Mexican, Italian and even Mediterranean, The Press’ menu covers all international cuisines, but with a healthier new-age appeal.

Their portions are light but leave you feeling satisfied.

For appetizers, you can feast on potato taquitos, fried mozzarella sticks and vegan chili.

If salads are more you thing, try the house favorite Tuscan Bean Salad or the Cucumber feta mint salad.

With no lettuce, the feta mint salad is not what you would expect.

It consists of chopped up pieces of cucumber, mint leaves and chunks of feta cheese molded together in tight round mold served with either a sweet or tangy vinaigrette dressing.

As for the main dishes, the Press has everything from a classic avocado and spouts sandwich to cabbage stuffed grilled fish tacos served with spicy salsa and sour cream.

One of their more unique plates would have to be the Portobello mushroom enchiladas.

If you are not feeling particularly adventurous, a burger is always a safe choice.

The Press has many burgers to choose from, including their Atkins-friendly Angus burger and a vegetarian burger.

In addition to The Press’ tasty meal options, they also have a fully stocked bar with a extensive wine list, carrying all your basic reds and whites and even more labels.

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, you can try a Marcus James Argentinean merlot.

To enjoy The Press restaurant experience, you don’t necessarily have to bring your appetite; visitors can simply enjoy the live music.

Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday after 10 p.m., The Press becomes a regular music hall featuring a wide variety of acts, including live jazz bands, house music, DJs and traditional rock and roll groups.

Tonight beginning at 10 p.m. blues musician Chris Murphy will perform and on May 21 check out rock and roll group Mick Rhodes and His Cavalcade of Unknowns, who will also take stage at 10 p.m.

For concert events, guests must be 21 and older.

To find out more about upcoming concerts, performance times and The Press’ catering services call (909) 625-4808 or visit their Web site at

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