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NFL draft shocks fans

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“With the first selection, the Houston Texans select defensive end Mario Williams from North Carolina State,” NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue said.

With everyone expecting USC Reggie Bush to be drafted No.1 overall in the 2006 NFL Draft, Williams and the Texans agreed to a six-year $54 million deal, which included $26.5 million in guaranteed money, Friday night.

Experts and fans were surprised with the Texans selection, but their choice made complete sense.

Last season, the Texans finished in the bottom in all major defensive statistics.

The need for a pass rusher was essential if the Texans have any chances of winning more than six games.

For a moment the sun shined on the city of New Orleans when they drafted Bush.

No question, the best player in the draft, Bush himself was proud to embrace the city of New Orleans as his new home.

Bush will share the backfield with pro-bowl running back Deuce Mcallister, who admits that he is happy to have Bush as teammate.

The Tennessee Titans also shocked many people by selecting Texas quarterback Vince Young over USC’s Matt Leinart.

With former USC offensive coordinator Norm Chow now with the Titans, Leinart becoming a Titan was a sure bet.

Instead the Titans went with a more athletic and bigger Young.

Even though Leinart may be the only quarterback mentally ready to play at the moment, the Titans passed him up because he lacked arm strength.

Leinart fell to the Arizona Cardinals, who had the No.10 pick overall.

With Dennis Green as the head coach and three pro-bowl offensive weapons around him, Leinart should excel in this system.

He will have to obviously earn the job from Super Bowl champ Kurt Warner who is coming off a sub-par season.

The Denver Broncos also moved up to the No. 11 slot to draft Vanderbilt Jay Cutler.

With Jake Plummer not getting the job done in the playoffs the Broncos were looking for a quarterback of the future.

Cutler is the perfect fit for the Broncos.

He has the strongest arm out of all the quarterbacks in the draft and he throws well on the run.

With Plummer time limited in Denver it’s a possibility that Cutler could start in the next two years.

The top winners in this year draft were the Titans, Broncos, and the Steelers.

The Titans left the draft with two possible No.1 draft picks in Young and USC tailback LenDale White, but due to White’s torn hamstring he slipped all the way down into the second round making him a steal for the Titans.

For just a second-round pick the Green Bay Packers traded Javon Walker to the Broncos.

Even though Walker missed the entire 2005-2006 season, he is the big time receiver that the Broncos have been lacking.

Acquiring Walker for just a second round pick was a steal for the Broncos.

Walker has publicly said he wanted out of Green Bay and now he got it.

The Steelers also came out on top because they also got a great receiver in Ohio State’s Santonio Holmes.

When the Broncos went for Cutler and not Holmes the Steelers immediately traded up to get Holmes.

In the last two seasons, the Steelers have lost Plaxico Burress and Antwaan Randle El to free agency.

Holmes is big and physical and gives Ben Roethlisberger another threat downfield.

With such a crazy draft may cause some teams to shine that usually are counted out. With so many unique and dynamic players this NFL season should be a exciting and promising one.

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