Students search for summer jobs

Summer is almost here and that means University of La Verne students will be racing around local businesses and companies looking for work to pay for school, rent or to finally have some extra cash in their pockets.

Unfortunately, it might be a little too late for some students. Summer jobs will be very hard to come by if students waited until now to begin the search or have not had a long-term job coming into the summer months.

“I’ve put in applications all over the place, but my availability up until school gets out is not what jobs want,” said Deandre Valencia, a junior business major. “It seems like most places aren’t even hiring college students anymore because of their lack of time and availability.”

Summer jobs have become a necessity for ULV students as tuition rises each year and financial aid decreases. Students need to make extra money to help fund their education during the school year and make ends meet during the summer months without any form of financial aid.

“Being a server at Millie’s is obviously not a job that I want forever, but it pays the rent during the summer and leaves me with some extra money to have fun with,” said Robbie Jeffers, a senior liberal studies major.

For some students, their mission during the summer is to make enough money to afford some of the finer things in life or finally be able to move out on their own.

“I kind of fell into my job with selling phones for Sprint because I heard you can make pretty good money and I wanted to move out on my own again,” sophomore Sammy Villanueva said.

Many students use the summer as an opportunity to prepare for their future careers with a more serious job. This can often lead to making sacrifices in academics because of the high demand of this type of job.

“I take school very seriously but I got a great opportunity to prepare for my career when a job opened up as a personal trainer at 24 Hour Fitness in San Dimas,” said Dean Jones, a freshman psychology major.

Jones expressed the need to drop a class in order to take the job because of the amount of hours he needed to work. He felt that if he did not do so, the job would be filled by summer.

It definitely appears that academics are taking a back seat to jobs with students that are in desperate need of money and are given opportunities to get started with their careers.

“I never had any intention of staying at CarMax for a long time, but it has been great for me and I am looking forward to moving my way up in the company,” said Pat Mottola, a junior business major.

“My grades were slipping and I looked into leaving CarMax, but they told me I could take my time in school and they had programs to help pay back loans once I graduated,” Mottola said. “I made a great decision and now I’m not part of this crazy job hunt that most of my friends are in.”

Internships are another great option for students to begin getting involved in their career work, but often do not provide enough money for students to be enticed to take them.

“I am going to continue my internship at Lewis and Company this summer,” said Blaine Bacher, a senior political science major. “It has been a great career experience and I have done a lot of networking with politicians for my future, but because the money isn’t enough to pay my bills in the summer, I need to take on a second job as an electrician with my dad.”

Unfortunately for some interns, there isn’t any money to be made through their efforts, just valuable experience.

“I love my internship at the art gallery, but not getting paid at all really hurts because most of the money I had saved is running low,” said Lana Carnahan, a junior criminology.

“I am going to have to go to Hot Topic back home in the summer because I can’t afford to just keep my internship anymore,” Carnahan said.

Many students are looking towards family and friends to be the key to getting a job in this summer’s tough market.

“I spent a ton of time filling out applications around ULV and back home in Huntington Beach, but was turned away by all of them because I am going to be at a leadership conference on a cruise for a week and then going to Europe with my family this summer,” said Brent Rawson, a junior political science major.

Rawson was fortunate enough to have a family friend offer him a job with flexible hours at a local bar in Newport Beach, so that he could make extra cash for his summer trips.

Very few ULV students are given the opportunity to have enough flexibility in their jobs to have routine summer fun and still make enough money.

“I got very lucky with my job at Utility Boardshop,” said Anthony Crawford, a junior criminology major.

“I have worked at Utility long enough to make pretty good money and still work whatever hours I want. It might not be the career job a lot of my friends are looking for, but I make enough money and still get to be a kid,” he added.

Common advice from parents to kids is to make sure that to find a job that allows them to do what they love.

Actually finding these jobs is a rarity for kids, but some have been fortunate enough to find great jobs that they love and that pay well.

“I love being in the wilderness for the summer and being able to help people,” said Katie Ford, a junior sociology major. “Being a firefighter has been a blast and very rewarding. Plus, I make more money than any of my friends, which helps me pay for school in the fall because I can’t work during the school year.”

To some students, great money is not as important as finding a job that they love to do for the summer.

“I love the Dodgers and getting to be a vendor for them at the ballpark is like a dream come true,”said Kevin Zeni, a freshman broadcast journalism major. “I couldn’t care less about the money.”

If you are unemployed and in need of a job, put down the paper and start filling out applications or calling friends before its too late.

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