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B-Top residents say they’re feeling the heat

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Half of the B-Top residents in the Oaks Residence Hall have been without air conditioning since the beginning of the school year.

Rooms 200 through 204 have no working air conditioning. although rooms 205 through 210 do.

The lack of moving air cannot be felt from the B-Top lounge and most of the residents are not aware their neighbors have been sweltering from the heat.

Michael Worrell, a business major from Los Angeles, said the heat has not been affecting him at all.

“I can’t tell if it’s hot or stuffy in here because I’m not here all that often,” Worrell said. “It doesn’t really affect me in my day to day routine.”

Michelle Ajemian, a junior communications major from Fountain Valley, has no problem with the air conditioning whatsoever.

“We have AC but I know half of B-Top doesn’t,” Ajemian said. “I think it’s been that way since the beginning of the school year, we’ve just always had AC.”

Worrell lives in room 207 while Ajemian lives in room 208, both nowhere near the air conditioning problem.

On the other hand, junior Katie Watkins, a social science major, said that the heat has always been unbearable and that it is a definite problem.

Watkins lives on the other half of B-Top, in room 204.

“It’s been like this since I moved in, you can noticeably tell there’s something wrong,” Watkins said.

“My roommate and I always open the door to the hallway. It’s still so hot we have a fan on all day and then usually sleep with the door open,” she added.

It seems as if housing and maintenance have not done much to help out Watkins and the rest of the heat-burdened residents.

“We talked to our RA, then to housing and then we called maintenance,” Watkins said. “Housing and maintenance both said it was not a top priority on their list.”

However, ULV’s facilities management said B-Top’s air conditioning is not broken. Robert Beebe, assistant director for facilities management, said both the requests that were brought up have been checked.

“There were two service calls for the B building last month,” Beebe said. “Both were resolved.”

The air conditioning unit that runs in rooms 200 through 205 is a different one from the one that cools down rooms 206 through 210.

Beebe said there have been no recent complaints about the air conditioning.

“All vent registers in rooms 200 through 205 are working appropriately,” Beebe said. “The unit is working well, this issue has been resolved.”

When the facilities maintenance department is notified about a problem, it passes this request onto an outside contractor.

Then, Beebe said, the department sends a technician out to fix it.

“ULV has a full maintenance contract for all air conditioning repairs,” Beebe said.

“When the facilities department receives an air conditioning service call, it is forwarded to the contractor. Unfortunately, facilities has not received a call for this request.”

Hopefully B-Top’s air conditioning problem is fixed.

If not, residents will have to push for attention from both the facilities management department and the contractor.

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