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Exchange program offers change of scenery

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January interterm will begin in a couple of weeks, and by then students of the University of La Verne will have the chance to study not only abroad, but also in another university in the United States for four weeks.

They will be away from ULV from Jan. 1-31.

The January interterm exchange program lets all colleges that are part of this agreement import and export students during the four weeks of January.

Credits will be transferable to ULV as long as they receive passing grades.

Bianca Hunter, administrative assistant for the Academic Affairs Office, said she thinks this is a opportunity for ULV students.

“This is a program where colleges with the same academic calendar collaborate to let students study in another college without paying any tuition,” Hunter said. “I think ULV students should take advantage of this chance to go to another university to have an exciting experience.”

Kimmil Henderson, a psychology major, plans to participate in this program because she said she needs to be away from California, and especially from La Verne, for a while.

She will be taking a literature class at Berea College, in Kentucky.

“I thought it would be a really exciting experience, and I want to meet new people and live in another environment,” added.

“I want this new experience to open me up to a new part of my life,” Henderson said.

Typically, ULV receives students from other private universities in the country at the same time students from the University of La Verne go to other universities during interterm.

“Every January we import and export,” Hunter said. “The year with the fewest exchange students we had two students and the one with most we had 12.”

There are 31 colleges in the United States on the list that exchange students with ULV.

Through the exchange program, students from any of these colleges have the chance to experience different climates and cultures and make new friends all around the country.

“I wanted to go to a college located in Ohio, but they did not have an exchange program [with ULV],” Henderson said. “I got into the Web site from Berea College, and I really liked it.”

January’s tuition is included in what ULV students pay for the fall semester, so this way students can study at another college at no additional cost, except travel expenses.

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