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We want the Lambda back!

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For any La Verne student who wonders why we don’t ever see yearbooks on campus, keep wondering because we at the Campus Times can’t figure it out either.

One thing we do know is that we want the Lambda to come back very soon.

So bring it back you say? Well, it’s not so simple.

The problem has never been there is not a need for a yearbook or desire from the students. It comes down to the fact that there just is not enough faculty and financial support in order to make the yearbook a reality on a yearly basis.

We mean to take nothing away from valiant efforts of many in the past. The last yearbook released by the school was in 2001-2002. Prior to that, there were several failed endeavors by faculty advisers, overworked photographers and writers throughout the last decade.

Also there were previous tries in releasing a video/CD-ROM yearbook that never panned out because many students were uninterested and failed to participate. Still there was a time when you could expect a yearbook almost every year as a student at ULV.

From 1983 to 1987 longtime professor of photography Gary Colby was in charge of the yearbook. Under his tutelage there were unique group photos of students, faculty and administration as well as none of the typical yearbook snafus like cheesy portraits or poses.

Students and faculty were captured in their environment as well as around the school in action. However, resources for this run at the yearbook were also cut short because there was minimal interest by the school to fund its publication and not enough students to handle all the daunting tasks in creating the book.

After being abandoned for a while, the yearbook was handled and controlled by student services, in which several advisers served in working on the book but did not stay on course in finishing it.

In the end, efforts to produce a yearbook sometimes ended in cancellations like in 2000. That year, current Associate Dean of Students Ruby Montaño-Cordova cited “lack of interest and communication” (Campus Times, May 5, 2000) as reasons for the yearbook folding.

So what needs to be done for present and future La Verne students to be able to get a yearbook every year? For starters, a class has to be formed in which students can receive credit for their work on the Lambda.

In addition, it will be necessary to have a dedicated adviser to work with the student staff to make sure the yearbook is released on time and available to all students.

But to the seniors of the class of 2007, the damage has been done.

We apologize on behalf of the school because you will not receive a yearbook this year. You will have nothing commemorating everything you have accomplished, fought through, and achieved in this final year as a Leopard.

Your class will be among the many classes of students in the past that will never receive a yearbook to relive your glory days here at La Verne.

The bottom line here is evident.

Being part of a small school it is important to be able to remember and reflect on who we went to school with, what happened while you were here, and what the overall vibe of ULV was.

As we continue to grow as a school and a community, we all need to urge administration to bring back the yearbook.

After these years in school pass us by and we move off into the rest of our lives, we want a way to remember and reminiscence about times we spent at our University.

What better way then to bring back those recollections of college then to revive the yearbook here at La Verne?

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