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ULV fundraiser is a great success

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Last week the Associated Students of the University of La Verne, the Campus Activities Board and Sodexho collected $374 in Leo dollars to donate to the Sova Center in Ontario.

“It, by far, exceeded my expectations,” Sarrie Fleming, chairwoman of the food committee for ASULV, said.

Fleming was in charge of the fundraiser in which students could donate canned food or, for the week, donate money from their Leo dollars.

“Everyone needs to eat,” Fleming said. “If you aren’t going to use it, give it to someone who will.”

The Servathon is held annually during the month of April. There are plans to continue the event at ULV.

The Sodexho Foundation has promoted the cause since 1999.

For the La Verne fundraiser, students donated their unused Leo dollars, then Sodexho took the donations from the cards and used the money to donate food and other needed goods.

In this case the donations were given to the Sova Center, which is run by the Inland Valley Council of Churches.

Aaron Neilson, general manager for Sodexho at ULV said the Servathon has been around for a while and the goal is to help less fortunate people and to help the community.

“I think that’s what makes ULV special,” Neilson said. “They also teach students to give back.”

Neilson referred to the University’s mission statement and how it reflects the importance of helping others especially in the community.

ULV’s mission statement reflects four core values. Community service is one of the values. The mission statement states: “The University believes that personal service is a primary goal of the educated person. Therefore, it encourages students to experience the responsibilities and rewards of serving the human and ecological community.”

Fleming said that the Center needed different sizes of diapers. The money that was raised was used to purchase diapers that were given to the Center.

Sarah Vasquez, a sophomore psychology major, donated $20.

Vasquez said she is rarely on campus and at the end of the semester has a lot left on her card, so she wanted to give back to people in need who could use it.

“We have so much that we can give back,” Vasquez said. “If everyone gave a little bit, it would be worth it in the end.

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