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Greek community welcomes new chapter

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Alpha Omicron Pi, the latest sorority addition to Greek life at the University of La Verne, was once only an idea, then a colony and now after much hard work and dedication from its members is now a full fledged chapter. Last Saturday the ladies of AOII, Lambda Alpha chapter, were installed as the 182nd chapter of the organization.

“The installation is really the official beginning of the chapter,” said Lori Curci-Reed, AOII’s colony development network specialist, whose role is to support the alumni advisory committee, which in turn supports the members of AOII at the University of La Verne.

The first process before becoming installed as a chapter is to go through a colonization process.

“Colonization is a time for learning and understanding of what AOII is,” Curci-Reed said. “It is the task of starting an organization to be there forever.”

The process of education consisted of weekly meetings with discussion about AOII policy and life skills as well. The new member lessons focused on such items as the organization’s founders, values and scholarship.

“It is very much an empowered process to be a part of an organization with strong traditions but as well as their own traditions on campus,” Curci-Reed said.

The past semester provided a lot of highlights and memories for the members of AOII.

The members put together their first philanthropy event, Strike Out Arthritis, where they played lawn games like bowling, to raise money for arthritis research. AOII also participated in its first official Greek Week, which was an exciting learning experience for the members.

Receiving your big sis and/or little sis is a memory that lasts forever in Greek life.

AOII put their own twist on receiving a big or little sis, because instead they got to have a twin, which proved to be another highlight during their colonization process.

“Getting twins in March was a big highlight because we had been waiting for those for a long time,” said sophomore Josie Faus, president of AOII at ULV. “During the colony period, no one has been a new member longer so we do not have big sis or little sis instead; we have twins to start out with.”

Another highlight during their colonization process was choosing their faculty adviser, Mike Laponis, professor of communications.

“This has been one of the richest and most rewarding experiences at ULV,” Laponis said. “I like being involved with students and knowing students outside the communications department.”

The members of AOII had a lot to look forward to in the week leading up to installation. They had various events including rock paintings and spa night at Wild Earth.

These events led up to the big day on Saturday when alumni and actives came from all over, including the international president who came to preside over installation.

The Greek community has a lot to look forward to as it has expanded its boundaries with the addition of AOII.

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