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Dr. Trance brings back magic

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Dinner and relaxation are the only two words that can describe the events that took place at the University of La Verne on Sept. 7.

As part of the Campus Activities Board Second Annual Welcome Week, CAB hosted a Welcome Back Barbecue and hypnotist show to allow new and returning students to bond.

‘I think it gives returning students a chance to reconnect with old friends and meet new students,’ Barbara Mulligan, associate director of student life said when referring to Welcome Week events.

‘It also gives freshman a chance to meet new students in a comfortable place where they don’t have to feel like they have to know anyone,’ Mulligan said.

The barbecue took place in Sneaky Park and featured music by the band Pasifire, which includes CAB’s own Concert Chair, sophomore psychology major Dylan Haro.

‘I’m excited for the year and the opportunity to see new faces,’ Haro said.

The barbecue was a success with students and faculty who came out to unite and enjoy good food.

To bring the evening to a close CAB’s newest Comedy Chair Kristina Vaughn presented Doctor Trance, a certified hypnotherapist, in Founders Auditorium.

‘I saw him last year when last years Special Events Chair brought him out,’ Vaughn said.

‘I think it’s funny, but I wouldn’t do it, I would be too self-conscious,’ Vaughn said.

Doctor Trance has been in practice for nine years.

He began the show by introducing himself to the audience and engaging them in an experiment to test the audience for potential volunteers.

The audience welcomed Doctor Trance with enthusiasm.

As he proceeded to pick volunteers he required that they sincerely wanted to be hypnotized, be in good physical condition and good mental health.

He would also require that the audience give him eight minutes to induct the volunteers into a hypnotic trance.

Once the volunteers were inducted into a trance the audience was thrilled to see them as they responded to various suggestions by Trance.

The volunteers responded immediately to the instructions.

Audience members could not control their laughter as the volunteers posed as professional body builders, sang in response to questions and play various invisible instruments as if they were professional musicians.

“There is nothing typical about hypnosis there is a huge level of uncertainty, everyone will interpret commands differently,’ Trance said.

As these volunteers were brought back to reality many were unaware of what took place and how actively they participated when they were hypnotized.

Lorraine Rodriguez, a participant and sophomore criminology major, said she did not necessarily believe in hypnosis before participating in the show.

After she did not remember anything that took place but said that she felt extremely relaxed, comfy and loose after leaving the stage.

The audience members’ reactions were of amazement, disbelief and wonder.

“I do believe in hypnosis, I didn’t believe in it before,” Molly Morin senior liberal studies and sociology major said after the show.

“This was a great way for CAB to start off the year and one of the most hilarious events I’ve attended,” Morin said.

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