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editorial cartoon by Matt Hill

editorial cartoon by Matt Hill

Since students are continuously online either researching for papers or projects, the online newspaper has become great resource for those who would never take the time to read the print copy of a newspaper or pay the small fee.

In fact, some may even find the online editions of newspapers easier since they do not have to deal with searching for stories.

The papers allow people to read the news without rustling through papers, mixing up the sports pages with the world news section pages.

Now the New York Times has made their online edition even better by allowing readers to search archives for free.

Archives for the New York Times would normally cost $3.95 for a single article, but now all articles from 1981 to the present are free.

Any articles written before 1981 still cost money to view.

But even those give the first several paragraphs of the article to give readers an idea of what the article is about.

From there, readers can decide whether they want to buy it or not.

They may even get the information they need from the snippet given.

Already one of the more prestigious newspapers, this will only set the New York Times on top.

The Los Angeles Times gives snippets for free, but charges $3.95 for the full article.

This is for any article found under the archives section.

Even though readers do have to pay for articles written before 1981, there is less of a possibility that people will need to find articles from that far back.

Archives can be helpful for remembering information about past events, research, etc.

Unfortunately, some Web sites give false information and it is hard to tell whether the information given is factual or not.

It is useful to find information in the newspaper so that it can be compared to the information found elsewhere.

The New York Times has been making researching easier for students.

The archive search tool is located at the top of the page, instead of on the side bar, making it easier to find.

Enter the headline, author or keyword into the box, select the tie span for which the article would be in and press search.

It searches for that information in that limited about of time, so that the desired article can be found faster.

Archives are a prized part possession in the educational world.

This knowledge should be open to the public to view, without anyone having to spend money.

They tell about the past and remind people what happened without having to go through the hassle of searching for the truth in a history book.

Libraries have archives that are opened to the public, so newspaper archives should be as well.

These archives are important for students because they still hold valuable information about events or people that may have changed over time. It’s essential to have these references available for research and comparison.

Print editions are still important, but there’s a variety of information that can be gained through these past articles. Stories of the past have so much to teach everyone, students and more, so why do newspapers need to keep this information all to themselves?

It’s not like students can walk to their local news stand or to the Los Angeles Times office and request an archive.

Knowledge should never have to cost money.

Almost the entire database of information has been opened up to everyone.

This may cause competition among newspapers to make their archives better accessible. Looks like the New York Times is ahead of the game right now.

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