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ULV hosts annual Preview Day

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Cerina De Souza
Assistant Editor

With more than 500 prospective students and parents in attendance last Saturday, the University of La Verne was the host for its annual Preview Day.

The event was sponsored in order to familiarize students with the information they would need to make a well informed decision about what college they would like to attend and if ULV would meet his or her needs.

“The main goal of Preview Day is to provide a glimpse of what we have to offer at the University to prospective students and their families,” said Ana Liza Zell, associate dean of undergraduate admissions.

Preview Day began with a short, yet warm greeting from Dean of Admissions Chris Krzak and President Stephen Morgan in the Sports Sciences and Athletic Pavilion.

Morgan caught the attention of the audience when he casually mentioned that over the next four years over $50 million will be spent in renovating the campus.

Campus exploration began at approximately 9:30 a.m. when students and parents were advised to learn and discover the University through informative breakout sessions as well as hour-long campus tours.

These sessions offered information ranging from campus involvement and safety concerns to financial aid information.

In order for the prospective students to receive an exclusive on ULV campus life, current students worked as tour guides and also ran a student panel session that was completely devoted to answering parent and prospective student questions that were not addressed in the other breakout sessions.

“Thanks to the current students who helped today, they were very helpful and informative,” Zell said.

Through the appeal of small class sizes and personal relationships with professors, of course the next question on everyone’s mind seemed to be

“How much is this going to cost?”

It was easy to see that money was a major concern because the financial aid sessions drew some of the largest crowds.

“I like the environment itself. It is peaceful and the people are nice to you,” said Jeanette Garcia, a prospective ULV student.

When attendee and mother Chris Guldstrand was asked if the Preview Day helped in deciding whether she would like her daughter to apply to the University for the 2008 fall semester, she quickly and eagerly responded “Yes, way!”

Many of the Preview Day visitors were amazed that such a small school would be able to offer many of the same programs that larger schools do.

“I feel like I would be able to branch out, while not going too far,” said prospective student Ariel Guldstrand.

The Office of Under­graduate Admissions hosts a Preview Day during every fall semester.

During the spring semester, the focus is taken off providing a broad array of information about the University and progresses to providing an intimate and personal look through the use of Spotlight event, which in the past was called Spotlight Weekend.

The official date for Spotlight on ULV 2008 is not set, but it will be decided upon within the upcoming weeks.

Associate Director of Admissions Andrew Woolsey said that he looks forward to the completion of the new campus center because it will be a powerful display to show both the students and the parents that there is a fun and safe place where students are able to hang out.

Additionally, Woolsey was excited to see the faculty and staff work together to show the prospective students the true community support that the University has to offer.

Most students came to the same conclusion, that the University of La Verne is a beautiful school and will be an eligible competitor in his or her final decision of where they will attend school in the fall.

“ULV is a really nice school. It seems like an east coast school and has everything that a big school has,” Guldstrand said.

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