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Promotion ‘races’ through the radio airwaves

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Jordan Litke
Staff Writer

KULV is always doing something to promote the radio station, and this time it is interactive.

“The Race Down Rock Mountain” contest began Dec. 3 with KULV staff members giving away T-shirts and CDs outside of Davenport. The actual contest ran from Dec. 4-6. What made this contest unique was that KULV inducted the help of virtual skiers and snowboarders to determine the winners.

“Usually you just call in and win. There’s a chance you will lose, it’s a new twist,” junior television broadcast major and a KULV disc jockey this semester Chad Loury said.

“Roxy Racer” and “Stevie Snowboarder” raced “down the mountain” and callers got to guess who would get to the bottom first. Callers only had to wait to hear the infamous air-horn to know when to call in and pick a racer.

If the caller predicted the right racer they won either Mountain High or Regal Cinema tickets. If they guessed wrong, callers still won a KULV T-shirt just for participating in the contest.

Stephanie Needles, Alyse Beni and Will Hawkins were among the winners. The so-called losers of the contest included Lauren Zagurski and a caller known only as “Danielle.”

“(This is part of the) ‘KULV in your face’ promotion,” Sara Brown, senior broadcasting and music major said.

Every semester the roster changes and new DJs go into effect providing a variety of personalities on-air for ULV students to enjoy.

“Not many schools allow you to be a radio DJ. It’s definitely something you can put on your resume,” Loury said.

Working as a DJ on the station provides a hands-on experience for students interested in radio production and allows students not interested in radio to be exposed to different vocations.

The promotions that KULV runs work directly with companies like Mountain High allowing students who hold positions to network and practice being a professional.

“We do things as they come up,”Ami Smith, promotions director said.

This year KULV has given away tickets to the L.A. County Fair, Magic Mountain’s Freight Fest and Scandia’s Haunted House.

KULV never neglects an opportunity to promote themselves to students and give away anything they can.

“We do a big promotion every month,” Operations Manager Shane Rodrigues said.

“The Race Down Rock Mountain” was a KULV first. The station hopes to attract as many ULV students as possible through promotions.

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