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ULV exceeds $26.1 million Campus Center goal

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The University of La Verne has recently reached its $26.1 million fund-raising goal for the completion of the three-part Campus Center Project.

The Campus Center Project consists of the newly renovated Sports Science and Athletics Pavilion, the Frank and Nadine Johnson Family Plaza and the future Sara and Michael Abraham Campus Center Building.

Bringing the year to a close, the University received the additional funds needed to reach their goal as well as met the qualifying conditions of a $600,000 challenge grant set by the Kresge Foundation.

The Kresge Foundation is a national foundation that seeks to strengthen nonprofit organizations by catalyzing their growth, connecting them to their stakeholders and challenging greater support through grants.

“The Kresge Foundation is a very well known national foundation that we have known about for years,” University Relations spokeswoman Jean Bjerke said. “The campus center was just the right project for the grant.”

In December 2006 the foundation awarded the grant to ULV, which at the time had only reached $21.1 million of its goal.

The grant helped set in motion the increase of contributions by challenging donors through time conditions and increased fundraising endeavors.

“We had to meet the goal by the end of 2007,” ULV spokesman Charles Bentley said.

“By issuing the challenge it created a strong incentive for our donors,” President Stephen Morgan said.

The time conditions generated an overwhelming response, which in turn resulted in the additional funding needed to reach the goal.

“I have deep appreciation for the generous response of our donors,” Morgan said.”There were more donors and more gifts than I anticipated.”

The significant changes being made to the University would not be possible without the considerable contributions that have been made by donors over the past four years.

“As a group the donors made the project possible,” Bjerke said. “We would not be able to build without them.”

Bjerke says that $13 million in gifts alone were donated by members of the Board of Trustees, who also played an important part in identifying many people as potential prospects for donations for the project.

“The entire Board of Trustees has been vital to this project,” Bentley said.

“The Board of Trustees leadership was essential to this project,” Bjerke said. “They really are helping build one of the most important buildings on campus.”

The completion of the Campus Center Project will bring the University one step closer to reaching its $42 million goal set by the Building on Excellence campaign.

“This project is the centerpiece of the Building on Excellence campaign and will be one of those historic projects that people will look back on for many years,” Bjerke said.

“It takes us to a new level of giving and allows us to better serve our students,” Morgan said. “I think its set our goals higher for future endeavors.”

The Abraham Campus Center is expected to be finished by 2009, it will be home for educational, recreational and communal space for the campus.

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