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Student art on display at Cal Poly Pomona

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“Glimpse of India,” “Everything between Heaven and Earth” and “Conversations between the Virgin and the Magdalene” gave the student body at Cal Poly Pomona a look at another country, another realm and another time.

The Bronco Student Center opened the exhibit March 3 displaying three works of art created by two Cal Poly Pomona students and a graduate student at the Art Institute of Chicago.

“A Glimpse of India,” by Shazia Hode was photographed in different parts of India such as Delhi, Masjid and Bihar. The photos contain landscapes and architecture.

Hode said in a statement that she found it difficult to take pictures of people in India without being looked at in an unusual way.

She found it easier to capture the beauty in the landscapes of India.

Some of her work captures a man praying in an old mosque and a man standing next to a stack of Qurans.

“I think the exhibit was meant to portray life and the little things that everyday life brings,” said Chad Berman, freshman English major at the University of La Verne.

He heard of the exhibit at Cal Poly and decided to see the exhibit first hand to show his appreciation for art.

Hode’s “Glimpse of India” exhibit was put on display at Cal Poly Pomona with the help of a Art Program Manager, Maria-Lisa Flemington.

“She just one day came to me. Two of the previous exhibits were also location-based in China and Giapas, Mexico and I liked her work and thought it was good enough to put on display,” Flemington said.

Down the hall from the India exhibit, visitors can also admire the photography exhibit “Conversations between the Virgin and the Magdalene,” made by Kallie Clark, a graduate student at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Flemington said the exhibit was opened in honor of Women’s History Month.

“I thought it would make for interesting dialogue,” Flemington said.

Pictures that show the Virgin Mary holding the famous Mary Magdalene in her arms, convey the importance of not judging another person.

Mary Magdalene was said to have been a prostitute and was also believed by some religious scholars to have been the wife of Jesus. The Virgin Mary, a symbol of purity and innocence, holding Mary Magdalene sends a message to everyone of the bond women have, no matter who they were in the past.

“Everything between Heaven and Earth,” by fourth year apparel production and fine art major, Richard David Cutler is the last display.

The collaboration of water color paintings shows a fantastical world between Heaven, Hell and Earth.

“The idea came from the spiritual research I did as a kid when I was trying to discover what to believe in and what I believed in,” Cutler said.

It conveys the spiritual forces of the human soul and the line between life and death and the power of God. Fairy-like creatures molded in with pieces of what we see as Heaven and Hell.

“My favorite piece is the one called ‘Earth Angel’ because it represents how I feel, how I fit into the spiritual world and how humans fit into the spiritual world. We are all guardians of this planet and since we are the ones living on this planet, we should be protecting it, not destroying it,” Cutler said.

Cutler is an active student in the Pride Center at Cal Poly Pomona. His work was put on display because of the collaboration of the Student Center and the Pride Center.

“I don’t think a lot of students know about the exhibit,” said Melissa Lomenzo a fifth-year journalism major at Cal Poly Pomona.

“Because of all the traffic coming in and out of the Student Center, there isn’t really a need to advertise too much. When they open and when there are artists, speakers and receptions than I will advertise more, but other than that it’s not necessary to over publicize,” Flemington said.

The exhibits are on display on the second floor of the Bronco Student Center until March 28.

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