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Students groove at Skate Night

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Jen McElroy
Staff Writer

On Tuesday night the Campus Activities Board held an off-campus event of roller skating at Skate Express in Chino.

The members of CAB encouraged participants to dress up in their best ‘70s attire, to get the whole old school roller rink vibe alive.

The night started off somewhat slow.

Due to construction on the 60 Freeway, many people were held up in traffic.

It took some people almost an hour to get to the rink, which normally would be about a 20-minute commute.

The two-hour event didn’t get as many skaters as it hoped but it was still fun.

“It was a lot of fun and for a Tuesday night I can’t complain,” CAB Special Events Chairwoman Cindel de los Reyes said. “The people there enjoyed themselves and that’s all that matters.”

After Boomer’s night which took place at the beginning of the school year, CAB hoped to receive a larger crowd of participants.

The event promised to let the first 100 guests in free. No one attending this event had a problem with paying, since only 60 guests showed up.

As the night rolled on, people skated around with smiles on their faces while they danced to the music.

The music varied from oldies to contemporary music.

The DJ was even taking song requests so that people could hear what they wanted.

“I think the event went well. It was pretty fun,” junior broadcasting major Dionna Houston said. “I thought a lot more people were going to be there, but the amount that came was still good.”

People really seemed to enjoy themselves.

Not only was the skating floor open, but some of the games were as well.

The video game and mini bowling section was open for play, and many students enjoyed their time in that portion of the rink.

Even though all of these activities remained open, the concession stand and prize table were closed.

This was somewhat disappointing for those students who may have needed a refresher throughout the evening.

With finals approaching, this was a good way to get students away from their hectic school schedule.

“It was fun and relaxing,” senior criminology major Stephanie Farrell said. “It was a good way to get away from writing papers.”

All in all it was a fun filled evening.

Although the turn-out was not as successful as other off campus events, students had fun, and that’s all that matters.

CAB will continue to try and sponsor fun events such as this one, and they hope for an even better turn out in the future.

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