ULV, please spread the word

Do you know what is happening on campus next week? Do not feel bad; neither do we—well, for the most part.

It takes some digging and most of what we know comes by word of mouth.

Why is there such a lack of communication at the University of La Verne?

Gathering students and others together to attend functions is indeed difficult. There is a simple reason for that and a simple fix.

The reason: There is no central means of communications used for the multitude of activities and events that take place on and off campus every semester.

The fix: Why do we not have a calendar newsletter sent to students and faculty via mass e-mail every week, or even every month? Would it really be that hard for groups to send an e-mail with a list of events to one central clearing house where information could be edited onto one master student-friendly calendar?

A little more organization on the part of these organizations would go a long way in getting students to events.

Placing posters and flyers on a kiosk or bulletin board is great—if the kiosk or bulletin board is in your building or area of campus.

How many students who spend most of their time near Founders Hall make it over to Leo’s Den? And how many students who stay near Leo’s Den manage to make it over to the kiosk at the side of Founder’s Hall? We would venture to say not many.

There needs to be a more effective means of communication.

On that note, we also want current information. A dance or play looks like a lot of fun until you continue to read the posting online and discover it would have been fun to attend—last March.

According to faculty memory, students used to receive a weekly newsletter calendar called “Spots to Watch” with events listed by days and times. The back side of the single page 8.5 x 11 newsletter gave more detailed news on club/sorority/fraternity opportunities, all school dances, concerts and general sundry student events.

We are not advocating killing more trees, just typing in some e-mail addresses, attaching the calendar and pressing a little button.

Talk about efficient. What good are these new spiffy e-mail accounts if they do not get used to help us communicate more efficiently as a University?

The answer: no good. We seemed to do a better job getting the word out when email was not used.

We need effective and efficient communication at ULV once again.

Relying on word-of-mouth and the pure chance a student will actually make it to this bulletin board or that kiosk and take the time to read each poster or flyer is just plain silly. Who has the time to do that? And rare is the student so motivated to find out about events by launching on an ad hoc kiosk walking mission.

There is plenty of good information—and perks for ULV students to know.

For example, some students do not know about the box office in Leo’s Den and the discounted event tickets available for purchase. An updated list of available tickets sent to students would be great. What good are discounted tickets if students do not know they can buy them?

All we are asking is for a little more communication—reliable communication.

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